New Mac Lineup

Apple Logo

Steve Jobs has just announced from One Infinite Loop a new range of Apple laptops for the coming holiday season. The event, entitled ‘spotlight turns to notebooks’ turned out to be just as everyone hoped.

The aspect that was most discussed was a new process of manufacture, borrowed from the Macbook Air. Instead of pressing several thin pieces together and put it into a laptop, which can add bulk and not give much rigidity. Has been replaced by milling the laptop out of a solid billet, this should prove to be stronger than before and also reduce the weight of the product. This was process was demonstrated by passing round plates of the laptop for the media to see.

Another interesting technology which appeared was the use of a trackpad made out of glass (they are really throwing the eco ball out to Greenpeace;) which unlike before where you used buttons to navigate, they are seamlessly removed allowing for a free flowing gesture based system of controlling your laptop.

Apple has made the bold decision to change to NVidia graphics chipsets of Intels, this should boost the graphical capabilities of the products and silence one of the biggest gripes of the design sector.

The first product announced by the Apple CEO was a refreshed Macbook Pro line, the yearning for this product to have an update has finally come to a head after 3 years. A new case with the new method of construction, a new track pad and an overall nicer package than before. The price has been slightly reduced to and yes there is Wireless N which people have always been wondering about.

Then there was a multitude of new products from a new 24″ monitor with LCD backlight display, some improvements to the Air and a smaller Macbook based on the pro which should suit users who need a powerful laptop in a smaller package. The same white Macbook remains as it seems to be a cash cow for Apple and changing may destroy that lucrative monetary incentive.

After which there was a Q&A session with a familiar face Phil Schiller and Tim Cook, this seems to be a bit un-usual for Apple and I am sure when they load the video up tomorrow you will be able to see it in full. That seems to be the lineup for the holiday season and 2009, they should all be available from the Apple store very shortly.

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iPhone 2 the 3G Effect


Apple has announced the all new, iPhone 2. It was announced by the CEO, Steven Jobs, at the ‘World Wide Developers Conference’ today, which was held in San Francisco.

People believe that the new release of the iPhone ‘2’, is an attempt to increase Apple’s share in the smartphone market. The smartphone market is currently dominated by Blackberry and Nokia.

The new generation of iPhones are what Steven Jobs calls “More Affordable”. Prices start from $199 (£100) approx. The new iPhone also comes with the new 3G wireless connection technology. This will enable users to get a more faster download speed along with WiFi like before. As well as this the device has been given GPS a wanted gift allowing for better maping technology to work. As a bonus the battery life has increased too, the days of Blackberry domination may be just about over.

The new iPhones will be available in the UK on the 11th of July 2008. You can buy the standard version for $199 or the 16GB of storage version for only $299. Ofcourse you will most likely be tied down to a heartless contract – but hey, it is probably worth it.

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New iPods

Apple iPod Touch

Today is the day when Apple announce all new iPods for the holiday season there are:

  • Revamped iPod Shuffle – With new colours.
  • iPod Nano – Has capability for video and is smaller plus bigger sizes in terms of memory.
  • iPod Classic – The iPod Video with a new name and a hard drive that goes upto 160GB which is enough for anyone.
  • iPod Touch – Yep it’s happened there is now an iPod built on the design of the iPhone – with Wi-Fi an inbuilt browser and various other amazing features. You can read more about it here.

They all look pretty cool! And will sell well.

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New iMac Update

The Apple iMac has been shown for a few days and sales seem to be strong; so i’ve decided just to tell people some of the technology that is available in the product:

  • Upto 2.8GHz dual-core Intel processor
  • 20 inch – 24 inch wide screen glossy displays
  • Wireless N allowing for wide reaching networking
  • Advanced ATI graphics cards
  • Upto 1TB of hard drive storage – for all your pictures and movies
  • Built out of aluminum and glass – ‘posh’ materials.

They are posted an advert about the product here.

I would love one of these machines if I had the money!

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New iMacs

Apple at a special event have shown the new iMac made out of aluminum and more powerful while still managing to be thinner – it looks like a great product – 20 inch and 24 inch available now; I want one!

Also new versions of the iLife and iWork packages were shown.

New Apple iMac

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America and Technology


iAmerica bt Scott Stantis. This cartoon is appropriate because of the American launch of the Apple iPhone, how the newest fads are kept for a little while then end up being thrown out. With product prices dropping more and more children will get the message that all items are not for granted and that they can be thrown out at any point.

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iPhone Lands

 Steve Jobs and iPhone

The much anticipated by critics and apple lovers product, the iPhone will land in USA stores today at 6pm (USA time). This product hopes to destroy the problems found with other smartphones, such as keypads that are too tiny to operate with a normal set of hands. Operating systems that can only be described as ‘hard’ to use, by that, I mean you need a degree in computer science to get anything done with the phone; and the ability to play media on the phone effectively without needing an extra device. While maintaining functionality and size of a phone and battery-life which is key when on long haul flights.

The main features of the phone make the product what it is, simple and effective. Which has always been the Apple philosophy to not over complicate things and make the latest technology available to the masses.

The obvious feature with this phone is the patented touch screen operated OS, which now allows you to use more than one hand at the same time on it and maintaining ultimate control with natural scrolling. This removes the need for a stylus which you will ultimately loose anyway, and brings back humans greatest asset; the fingers. Fingers are naturally very articulate and will allow you to put directed what your brain wants you to do on the phone without having to get to grips with an over fiddly system.

Another feature is that the phone uses Apples main OS (OS 10) on the phone directly from the computer systems. So developers can now integrate new programs and new coding systems onto the phone with ease; also allowing the programs to be updated more easily.

Apple called the product the iPhone which means it is an integration of all the ‘i’ generation products and software. So it has an iPod built into it, with several gigabytes of memory ready to store media. The phone connects to the PC through iTunes which means it is simple for the user to get started straight away. This ability adds to the overall simplicity of the phone, making it sure to be a success with the Apple faithful.

The phones party piece in my opinion is the ability to ‘surf’ the ‘real’ Internet. By which I mean, full live WI-FI HTML Internet through Apples Internet browser Safari. It loads just as fast as the computer, and if you pinch the screen it will zoom in to allow you to see the page in closer detail. This new innovation means a website doesn’t need to be cut down for no reason, you can see it how it was intended.


The iPhone is set to be one of the most successful smartphones of the decade, we shall have to see how the sales go in America before we can tell just how great this product is. The iPhone comes to the UK later in the year and it looks promising.

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Apple OS 10 Leopard

‘Hello, tomorrow.’ is what Apple describe their next generation OS, which has been one of the most successful OS’s on the planet (apart from windows).

I have to agree with them if your one of the few dozen people who have bought Vista, then you are clearly stupid to start with. But with OS 10, it just makes you go and but a Mac, I have no idea how Apple do it but they can tempt you with the smallest things.

Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple Inc.) showed 10 new features of Leopard at this year WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) I will describe a few of them here to you. You will by the end want Leopard and ask when is it going to be out? Well October they are telling us, it has Vista beater written all over it.

  1. New Desktop – For the first time in OS 10, there is a new desktop, no more default blue backgrounds anymore it is set up for pictures and features organisational ‘Stacks’. All of the file windows, adjust to your background allowing it to be a more pleasant and be computing experience for the user.
  2. Spaces – Computer is set up with 4 work planes, and you can drop and change each one easily. Apple lovers should know what this is.
  3. Finder – A new finder, browse all the files on your computer. Now with the iTunes invention of cover flow, allowing easier access to files, as well as making it look more beautiful.
  4. Mail – New mail templates, making emails more exciting, the Apple way.
  5. Quick Look – Allows you to look at files without opening them.
  6. iChat – Photobooth effects added to iChat, you can now have ‘live’ fun as well as taking pictures, and slamming them up on Myspace like teenagers do.
  7. Time Machine – New backup solution, easy and operates with one button control. Making life simpler and with less hassle.

Watch the full Keynote presentation on Apples website here.

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