F1 is Back

F1 2009 is go go go and it looks like all change at the front, with newcomer Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams pushing out front and the regulars lagging behind. This looks good for F1 making the fight a bit more interesting. I will certainly be watching the race but maybe not at 6am in the morning that it is on the BBC, most likely record it to watch over and over.

Also with F1 the controversy is not very far away, it is already believed the rear diffuser on the Brawn and other top cars is illegal even though the FIA passed it, and who is behind this challenge moaning old Ferrari.

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BBC F1 Coverage Revealed

I will get to the people who are involved in next years programming a little bit lower down, but to start with I have been waiting a return to the BBC removing the very annoying adverts from the program. But there is one thing the BBC MUST do when they relaunch it next year, is to bring back the old theme of ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac, it is the natural theme tune for the great race.

Now onto the people, I have decided to put pictures above each name just to give those people who do not know who they are some insight:



David Coulthard

Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan (THE LEGEND)

Jake Humphrey

Jake Humphrey



Johnathan Legard (From BBC 5live)

Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle


Murray Walker

Murray Walker (another legend of F1)

Pit Lane

Ted Kravitz

Ted Kravitz

Lee McKenzie

Lee McKenzie

I hope it works out for the Beeb.


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Lewis Hamilton, Finally

Lewis Hamilton

After last years nail biting end, a will he won’t he show right down to the wire which ended up in loss for Hamilton. Was almost an exact repeat of this year, except for a wonderful moment for the country when at the last second Hamilton took Glock (rain conditions mainly caused this.) This made Lewis Hamilton the champion for Formula 1 this year.

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Famous Rolls-Royce Phantom Owners (BMW)

Rolls Royce Phantom

50 Cent – aka rapper Curtis Jackson, silver with cream interior. He is thinking about making it a convertible

Fat Joe aka Joseph Cartagena, sky blue. He bought it after the success of “Lean Back”.

Ben Affleck – silver. He bought it for then fiancee Jennifer Lopez. When the relationship broke up, she returned it — and he was photographed taking it to McDonalds

Christina Aguilera – white. Was used at her wedding in Napa Valley
David Beckham – silver. Bought for him as a birthday present by wife Victoria Beckham.

Johnnie Cochran – black on black, with the plate “JC JR”

Simon Cowell – ordered a Maybach. He then took a ribbing from Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. He was in Hollywood, and his Bentley needed a service — they gave him a Phantom as courtesy car, and he loved it. He telephoned Rolls-Royce and found the Beverly Hills dealer had three in stock, including one with his preferred ‘piano black’ paint and triple black interior — black leather, black carpets and black lacquered wood dashboard. An hour later his Maybach order was cancelled, and he had ordered a second similar Phantom for London. He has a 100EX convertible on order for American delivery. When Cowell was Punk’d Ashton Kutcher pretended to have the car stolen.

Bishop E. Bernard Jordan – given to the prominent New York Bishop by former Run DMC rapper Reverend Run in March 2004, for saving his life

Jay Kay – black on black with piano black

Jay Z – white

John Kerry – black for the former Democratic presidential candidate: or more correctly, owned by his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry. Driving it in Detroit during his campaign brought derision from local auto workers

Brittany Murphy – after seeing one in a Snoop Dogg video

Shaquille O’Neal – silver

Nelly – Despite a trip to the customizer for new rims, Nelly felt his Rolls-Royce Phantom still lacked a certain discreet charm. So he had the interior totally re-worked in mink fur

Yohan Poonawalla – the Mumbai industrialist bought the first Rolls Royce in India, 2 years after test driving it in London. It was the first Rolls-Royce sold through a local dealer in 50 years — and included 103% local luxury tax

Gene Simmons – Lead Singer from the Legendary Rock Group KISS

Russell Simmons

Rev. Al Sharpton – Owns one after celebrating his 50th birthday in 2004.

Snoop Dogg – white. Used in one of his music videos

Sir Alan Sugar – black with cream interior. The known collector of specific Rolls Royce and Bentley cars has one as his chauffeured transport, which featured in the second series of The Apprentice

Donald Trump – basketball star Shaquille O’Neal purchased a white Phantom as a wedding gift for Donald Trump and his wife

Josh Towbin – Towbin Dodge Owner, Rapper and Star of A&E’s King of Cars and also owns one and was seen in the opening credits of King of Cars

Denzel Washington – bought it as a present for his 50th birthday

Stevie Wonder – in black, purchased by Oprah Winfrey as a “thank you” for singing her “Happy Birthday” on her 50th birthday

Stack Bundles Up and Coming Rapper

Sultan of Brunei – and his brother Jefri each purchased six bullet-proof Phantoms

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud – the Saudi is the fourth richest man in the world

Prince Abdullah – has loaned Michael Jackson a driver and one of his three Rolls Royce Phantoms, while the singer resides in Bahrain

Please Note: This information was taken from Wikipedia, freely available to publish on other website.

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Project: Gravity

So what is this project all about; well like most of my projects it has a sense of randomness about it. This time however it is a project which I have wanted to do since a certain episode of the Simpson’s showed it a number of series ago.

I am of-course talking about Gravity Racers – or Soap Box Derby racers if you wish to call them that. What I want to do is produce an aerodynamic vehicle to take part in UK competitions for gravity racers. Hence ‘Project: Gravity’ has come about; we have a large number of plans for this project and more will be revealed in future. But here are our initial plans for the project:

  • Gather funding, parts and people to join the team and produce the Project: Gravity vehicle.
  • Test the vehicle and begin racing.
  • Produce a website for the vehicle and its future plans.
  • Create the final name for the project – this will be applied everywhere the vehicle goes.

We hope this is a successful project. More after the jump.

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Savile Row

After watching a program last night on BBC 4 – I want a Savile Row suit even more than I did before. The sheer workmanship, style and unprecedented quality is a huge draw to me personally.

The program was about how Savile Row is sadly loosing money due to a lack of new money in the row – you would think there tailors would be rolling in cash but in truth they are as broke as you and me. Having said that I have no idea why, they don’t advertise and yet they are the only businesses in the world who have to turn away customers because their order book is to full.

For instance Henry Poole & Co – the inventor of the tuxedo and tailor for Tsar Alexander II and III and the Royal Families from pretty much all over the world. Makes amazing clothes – they were making a dinner jacket for the designer of the Aston Martin DB9 (an amazing car) but also an amazing dinner jacket. He has the same predicament as me – being to tall and slim for off the peg fittings.

Norton & Sons also attracted me with their use of  British materials which I find highly respectable in modern society – including the best tweed from the borders of Scotland. Personally I usually find tweed a bit aristocracy based but this company has shown new light on the material and I want a casual jacket from them.

I think everyone should order a suit from the row – they are amazing and you get to look like James Bond. Plus its preserving craftsmanship something which I will defend to the hills.

Savile Row Sign

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End of the Season

Kimi Raikkonen

Well F1 has ended – Kimi Raikkonen has his first championship and well deserved and the politics for this year that has the wrecked the season has ended; or has it?

When the cars were checked after the race 3 drivers were found to have fuels that could run a temperatures outside the band they are allowed. So instead of being cooled to 10 degrees celsius below ambient they were running the fuel at 12-14 degrees celsius this would allow extra performance. However, last night it came to conclusion that there was no conclusive evidence so no action was taken. But…

McLaren was penalised heavily even though there was no conclusive evidence, so I can see them appealing against the result. Why could McLaren get the brunt of it without the other teams getting such a penalty. I find that wrong and deaply dangerous for the sport. They have told their intentions to appeal to the FIA and no date has been given as yet.

If McLaren win it means that Hamilton not Raikkonen would be champion – we will wait and see.

Lewis Hamilton

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My Respects To Colin McRae

Colin McRae

The great rally driver died over this weekend in a reported Helicopter crash – I would like to just say he was a great man and got alot of people interested in the sport of Rallying through himself and his games that have international acclaim. He will be sadly missed in the motorsport community – an all time great has once again been lost.

Also on the helicopter are supposedly his son (aged 5) and Colin’s friend and his son – all are report to have been killed.

This truly is a tragedy.

Colin McRae MBE 1968 – 2007 Rest in Peace


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