FIA Will Not Penalise McLaren

The FIA yesterday released to to the world that McLaren Formula One Team will not have any penalty imposed onto them for the possession of confidential Ferrari Formula One Team files – However McLaren have been warned that if any evidence comes to light then they could be excluded from championships.

The motorsport governing body said that although McLarens suspended chief designer Mike Coughlan had access to Ferraris confidential files – There was no way to prove that McLaren benefited at all from it.

“The WMSC is satisfied that Vodafone McLaren Mercedes was in possession of confidential Ferrari information and is therefore in breach of article 151c of the International Sporting Code,” said an FIA statement.

“However, there is insufficient evidence that this information was used in such a way as to interfere improperly with the FIA Formula One World Championship.

“We therefore impose no penalty.”

The FIA said it would summon McLaren again if it subsequently emerged that the team had made use of the data – and threatened draconian penalties in that event.

“But if it is found in the future that the Ferrari information has been used to the detriment of the championship, we reserve the right to invite Vodafone McLaren Mercedes back in front of the WMSC where it will face the possibility of exclusion from not only the 2007 championship but also the 2008 championship,” it said.

The FIA spotlight will now turn to Coughlan and Ferrari engineer Nigel Stepney, the other figure at the centre of the scandal.

Stepney is believed to be the source of the Ferrari data found at Coughlan’s house.

He was sacked by Ferrari after an investigation into his actions, and is the subject of a criminal case in Italy.

Shortly after the scandal broke, it emerged that Stepney and Coughlan had made a joint approach to Honda and were interested in joining the team’s staff.

The FIA confirmed that it intends to pursue action against the two men.

“The WMSC will also invite Mr Stepney and Mr Coughlan to show reason why they should not be banned from international motor sport for a lengthy period and the WMSC has delegated authority to deal with this matter to the legal department of the FIA,” said its statement.

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My Love of Morgans

Morgan Logo

I love Morgan cars, the design the spirit the whole dedicated ownership of each and every one; that the company has hand crafted in a small factory in Malvern, Worcestershire. The desire to go on a Sunday drive, look great and still be able to burn up some tarmac for the fun of it. When the sound of a thudding Morgan engine is heard for the first time, it sends shivers down your spine… after this point you will want one…

The first time I saw a Morgan I was slightly confused as to why people are driving around with what looks like a 1950’s sportscar in the modern age and still being able to pull away from my fathers car. This happened in Malvern the birthplace of the car, but when we parked next to one I realised that its a modern as anything; just with an old styled body and the wood frame which makes every one produced special as they are never the same.

Let me just say, I was hooked from that moment on.

From that point, I have wanted and still want my own little beauty on the drive – I want to be able to take it out on Sunday drives to the country and cherish and love the machine. That would make me happy – my love of the cars was increased alot when my dad took me to the Morgan factory one summer.

The factory is a small but perfectly formed site, with tiny buildings for everything from wood store, to its own little foundry. Keeping the tradition of small time manufacturers, where as much as possible is made in house to make the product as special as possible. The first room you enter – Is the room where all the cars that are complete are stored before being shipped out – that is enough to make you almost dribble, at the auto goodness kept inside; to make it worse when I went, there was the Morgan Le Mans car right at the back, looking at you, begging you to drive it. You walk through a small hatch into the second room, a room full of engines and half complete chassis and then through to assorted wood shops and places where they carve the fine frames. You then find yourself, walking across the yard, and into the room full of ladies, sawing the hand made interior and fitting it to the car. Its a beautiful and amazing experience – you to can do it (goto Morgan factory for details) it was free when I went but it is now £5 I believe – but its worth it!

My love of Morgans is like the love of my family – Its never going to end! Especially when I can eventually purchase one.

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This weekend is one of the most anticipated for all fans of Formula 1, the British Grand Prix; and this year, people have more reasons to get excited. The first obviously is the introduction of Lewis Hamilton in a McLaren F1 car, who is taking the sport by storm. Lewis has a great chance of being the first winner of the British Grand Prix to be British since David Coulthard. Hamilton is winning record after record after record and has gained a great following of fans and is bringing new people to the world of F1 which can only help the series continue.

Another factor making the British Grand Prix so special is because its one of the last remaining tracks to not ponder to ‘neutralizing’ the circuit. Aka, it still has deathly corners, still has barriers near the track and you still need to be a great driver to get around it. Some corners are on a blind hill and a turning is straight after it where you must hit the apex blind otherwise you WILL come off. It is a hallow ground for motorsport Silverstone is, a special place and if F1 moves away from it, the British motorsport scene (the country that was a pioneer in the sport) will diminish. Something that F1 is trying not to be accounted for. Getting rid of the British Grand Prix is like telling Monaco it can’t have its race.

Teams this year are closer than ever, with McLaren, Ferrari, BMW up there in the top half; Renault increasing all the time and will be up there soon. Including other teams who are also getting better and better, I believe that Honda will be in the ‘top flight’ when they get their car sorted.

F1 this year has been a treat, 10 races left, the sport can only get better and better.

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Morgan Roadster

Morgan  Roadster

The much celebrated Morgan Car, has received a new picture on the Morgan Website. This car was initially the replacement to the +8 (V8 Model) and to much success this V6 model continues the Morgan tradition of looking old, but going like a stabbed rat. This picture also shows off the shiny ‘old style’ chrome spoked whiles, which I’m sure modern day ‘gangsters’ will have a fascination with.

Keep up the good work Morgan!

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