We have Chickens

We have six chickens at the end of our garden now, who just love to forage around and pick at the plants we put inside. They are all really adorable, and have just started taking food out of your hands. Hopefully by the end of the week they will let us stroke them instead of feeling at little scared. We have one Bluebell chicken called Clarice, she is so adorable as she listens to all the strange noises around her. Like the train behind us and the factory, very cute.

Yes, my dad made the chicken house out of scrap wood. He is likely to be making these properly soon.

Below are some pictures of them and two videos I have posted:

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Cute Animals (15 – Lovebird)

Once again resurrecting the old favourites on my blog – this time it is the ever lovable Lovebird. Its cute features and adorable call make it one of the favourites for an Avery. They are one of the cutest parrots in existence – and I feel that the day after valentines day should be a great day to launch this post (mainly because I did’nt think before today.)

Love bird

The name Lovebird comes from a selection of Greek words meaning to love; and boy does this little parrot like to love. Put two Lovebirds together and they become mates – you will love to watch them snuggle upto each other and sleep on each other; also producing an irresistible cute sound to show they are happy.

As well as this like most parrot species if trained and safe they will become happy with a human ‘mate’ although this could cause problems if you have a partner. They will sit on you, snuggle upto you and even preen you although they don’t like it when you leave which you may have to sort out. Highly sociable animals that are just adorable to look at – also being less of a handful than a larger parrot while still having the comparative intelligence. They most likely will work out how to get out the cage and also how to get your attention – don’t put them off for fools.

If you want more info about Lovebirds there are many sites to look at – try Googling or you may want to goto the Wikipedia page here.

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Cute Animals (14 – British Robin)


The bird that follows you as you garden – staying close encase you uncover some tasty food.

British Robins have learned that humans bring food that is why they stay close to you – for the chance of food and a type of protection as bigger birds/foxes will not come close to humans before been scared away – they will also use your spade as a lookout post when you have a break.

British Robins are extremely cute but are also a very common song bird with a very relaxing a calming sound that changes through the seasons.

The British public would be lost without this bird to keep you company on a winters digging.

You can read more about these birds here.


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Cute Animals (13 – Harp Seals)

Harp Seal Baby

The Harp seal is a very cute example of the humble seal – very endangered yet totally adorable. When they are pups they are all white and fluffy to blend in with the snow as they have many predators – but when they get to adult size they have an amazing coat of grey.

I don’t really know very much about seals but they are incredible adorable and when you see them on TV shows with an Orca (Killer Whale) trying to eat them you prey that the little seal slaps it over the head and scampers off up the beach – I have only seen this once on TV.

You can learn more about the creatures here.

Baby Harp Seal

Adult Harp Seal

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