Fathers Day 2010: Anatomy of a Father

Happy Dads day to everyone, for this year I have created a t-shirt for my dad called ‘Anatomy of a Father.’ An image of a man that has been made out of all the things a father likes. Enjoy.

UPDATE: I know many people question the use of a Dyson on this image, I would agree it is not a mainstay of manhood. Let it be know its presence is there simply because I could not think of any other big brand gadget to make the leg out of. So please let it pass. Btw, Dyson = dead cool.

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My Idol

Well this is a bit of sad tale of who I look up-to in the world – he is not an actor, painter or photographer as some might suggest (even though I do like Paul Smith to an obsessive level.)

Eddie Jordan

Who I look upto is a man named Eddie Jordan (pictured above); ok so we have just established unless you are in-tune with the world you have no idea who he is and what he has done to make him great. Well for a start he managed to start motorsport teams which brought a sense of excitement and fun to the deal and the most part collected the greatest (and most egotistical) drivers into the sport. From their days in F3 to F1 most greats passed his way, from Damon Hill to Martin Brundle and then onto Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna all have had great success and are extremely respected in the sport.

So you are still thinking; ok, he brought some guys to a sport big deal he probably worked for Ferrari. That is so far from the truth he managed to weal and deal all the way from Ireland up-to the top. To manage to get an F1 team that with designer Gary Anderson managed to punch far above its weight and had some spectacular results especially with Damon Hill. Jordan Grand Prix Limited in its hey day was a team held together by Eddie with every ounce of smoosing the biggest of sponsors to get the car on a grid – in fact when he was in Ireland he would of sold them a road car along with the sponsorship just for good measure.

So what makes him great, just his brain and his attitude. He knows how to market products effectively including F1 cars and I am really sad I do not see him as much anymore. I would love to see him back in the sport (maybe next year Eddie) it was great to hear him speak about all the issues of the day and how open he was. He brought rock and roll to the clinic style operations of F1 and for that reason he has to be one of the greats in the all time of the sport.

So, what am I proposing. Well I think a fan club is in order – leave a comment if you would like one. It would be free, just to discuss the legend that is Eddie Jordan – my idol.

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A Loverly Love Story

The video below was created by me and my girlfriend Liz yesterday on our anniversary :)

It is entitled ‘A Loverly Love Story’ and is a play on the Monkton Toys products. We Have also added the video that contains the bloopers (there’s lots of them) so take a look:

A Loverly Love Story

A Loverly Love Story – Bloopers

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Design Contract – Exotic Nights

Please Note: This post may contain items which parents would not wish their children to see – for this reason if you are at all concerned please read it through first or ignore this post. Thank you.

I was commissioned to build the website (including newsletter template) and create a new logo for the business as it grows from its humble eBay origins into a store that will have a reputation within the adult clothing industry. But adult not as in cheap tacky rubbish you get in cheesy magazines you might read – but high quality costumes. I would not agree to work for a company that sells tat as I don’t think it would look good on my portfolio.
The logo I designed went through a progressive stage build from simple drawings to the final thing – we have settled on this logo as we feel it suits the business and its future perfectly.

Exotic Nights Logo

The slogan at the bottom is a progression from the one that is a bit of a cliche in the industry ‘Dare to be Daring’ or ‘Dare to be Different’ this new logo and strap line should set the business apart and gives it a whole new and fresher look.

Along with this I was commissioned to produce a e-commerce site for the company so it would not have to continue trading on eBay in a full or total capacity in future due to spiraling costs. This is still in construction so I do not wish to disclose any information about this website until nearer the launch date.

However, in the mean time I have produced a holding site that links to the eBay store at current – this looks clean, fresh and modern as well as shows the corporate identity of the company perfectly. You will be able to see this new look now or very soon over at www.exoticnights.co.uk take a look.

Here is a screenshot of the website:

Exotic Nights Website

As the beady eyed of you will notice there is a newsletter you can sign upto this will allow the company to communicate to you about new lines of products and also when the new website is available to view. Accordingly I thought that the newsletter needed a sense of corporate identity so I created a quick template from all the newsletters to be based on (you can see this below) this will mean that Exotic Nights will have a professional impression on the customer and that emails will stand out rather than fade into the background.

E-Mail Template

Sign upto the newsletter below:

Do You Want Exotic Nights Newsletter?

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I Love Elizibeth


I Love Lizzie Rumble

I wouldn’t normally do this but I wanted to – and it’s my blog so mu ha ha ha.

Read about what I think are true men here.

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When your head hits the pillow and night… your mind seems like its spinning and then you fall deeper and deeper into sleep until you will not wake up for ages… you dream, wonderful things, wonderful happy things but sometimes it turns and makes you sad, makes you cry; I had this…

I dreamt of happy things which turned to the sight of my girlfriend getting cancer and passing away, by which point I was physically crying in my sleep. Which in turn made me wake up at 5.30 in the morning and sit on my computer with a cloth till it almost past, texting her to see if she was still alive and still able to love me.

This dream scared the living daylights out of me, why do sad/tragic dreams come when your happy?? I don’t understand it, I am so happy with her and yet my body is telling me that she will die or I will leave her; which is unlikely.

I’ve had bad dreams for a long time now, but never as bad as this, never as  bad to make me cry hard in my sleep wake up with a sweat and actually need to get out of bed for it to go away. It’s something I don’t understand, and I don’t think I ever will.

Bed Sheets

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Last of the True Men

I believe I am one of the few ‘true’ men to be around in this world. I am not saying that I am strong, or to any point ‘butch’ but what I do best at is when I am in a relationship (in one with my girlfriend for over 8 months) I know how to treat a woman right, and the whole aspect of love. Making sure that I keep my girlfriend happy and still want to settle down with her and I am solely interested it her. E.g. I am not looking at other women (i overt my eyes) at all, because I want to keep who I consider to be my true love. Happy.

What women don’t realise is that the quite shy man, is usually the one who will respect you and treat you as you should be and if you give them a chance they will shine. This is the same for my case, I am incredibly shy and when my now girlfriend gave a interest in me (I loved her at this point) I took it and we are happy together after 8+ months. She didn’t think that I could be such a gentlemen, but I never show it because before there was little if not no reason to do to it – once you have found one of the last gentlemen, you would be mad to leave them.

What I consider to be a true gentlemen and what most women would (thank you Molly I kind of stole some of your ideas):

  • They know how to love and respect women, and especially the women they are in love with.
  • They want to try for a long relationship and to make everyone happy and loved.
  • They do want to settle down, have children and get married.
  • And they only want to ever have sex or a relationship with one person – the first person they fall inlove with – it is near impossible I think for a true gentleman to cheat – as well as not wanting sex all the time, only wanting it when it’s wanted by both parties.
  • Considers whats inside the woman first, then the features on her face such as eyes. But hardly ever spends time looking actively at parts lower down, but does give nice comments about the woman’s whole body to make her smile.
  • Even when the woman is ill and not looking her best, the man will still comment to say she looks beautiful or a princess just to make her smile in sad times.

Why am I writing this post? Well I am just saying because my girlfriend has made me the happiest person in the world and I have made her likewise; and its just a little bit of advice to some women with bad relationship troubles out there.

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