Butterfly Farm

Today we went to the new camera proving ground that is the Butterfly Farm in Stratford Upon Avon; this has traditionally been my families first port of call to test any new equipment such as my new Panasonic Lumix T-Z5 that I received for Christmas. I had only played with the camera for a few days and learned a few options so some of the pictures taken were not exactly to the best quality but some turned out much nicer than I thought. A few of these pictures are below.

 Butterfly and Orange       Waterfall

Butterfly Hanging

Quail       Mating

Evil Parot

Fish Tank

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Irwin Carpenters Gloves

As I have terrible circulation which means that I almost always have to wear gloves outdoors otherwise I am likely to get frostbite – as well as this I am somewhat allergic to ‘small particle’ materials such as MDF (which is not fun when you have just covered yourself from working with a lathe). These gloves are a bit of a godsend for a person like me who has more and more carpentry jobs to do outdoors – these keep my hands warm but also still allow dexterity (e.g. holding nails.)

As well as this I have rather ‘un-manely’ hands being pretty small and slender – or as a builder would describe as scrawny. So I opted for the ‘Large’ version which is as small as they get, which actually fit my hands pretty snug; which is important when using power tools so your itty bitty fingers do not get caught and mashed up.

The actual glove itself is robust, with thick rubber and man-made materials gracing it. Allowing for you to grip pieces of wood, reduce splinters (which always put me off) and still makes you feel like you are not actually wearing gloves – important for the finer jobs. What Irwin do not advertise however, is that is has a ‘sweat wiping’ piece of material located above to thumb to quickly and easily rub off the perspiration from building a bloody fence.

I am yet to use these on a project as of yet (due to illness) but when I do I will be sure to update with how they went as a product. First impressions however are that they are impressive and should be upto the job, keeping the bloody flowing (a priority for most humans.)

Below are a number of photos which I have taken (as stock photos are boring) – including the label information so you can see if you at all allergic to the gloves.

 Irwin Gloves

Irwin Gloves


  •  30% Synthetic
  • 25% PVC
  • 30% Stretch Nylon
  • 10% Terry
  • 5% Neoprene

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Translation Malfunction

Everyone who did French in year 9 has experience in using those over-rated translating websites to do their homework. The ones that turned Frog (Grenouille) into something stupid like an Apple or worse. The fact that these exist in some forms can be put to good use such as translating foreign websites but in the case of work they are merde.

What this leads me onto is the fact that China for the Olympics (Beijing 2008) seems to be using these free translator for various information signs. I read the Daily Express today and they had a two page spread about some of the most hilarious ‘cock’ up translations of warning signs for instance. Below are some examples that I found particularly funny – if they want this Olympics to be a success I think some form of proper translator is needed by the Government in China to not make them a laughing stock. Even though they are as these Olympics are a cultural cleansed waste of time comparable to Berlin 1936 – where the strife of the country is covered up for a whole year – then someone like Jesse Owens comes into frames and really f***s up your plans for revolution in the country.

So here are some of my favourites:


I have no idea what this is meant to mean.

China, learn.

Are you sure this is good for us westerners to know?


This is apparently a great take on an Apple advert – it is not ‘Think Different’ in China it’s ‘Slip Carefully.’


Yes it is a Naive bear paradise.

And then my personal favourite of the bunch, please be ready to laugh:


Ha ha ha ha.

This leads me onto an overview of the spread:


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Can you explain this?

Can you explain this picture? Bonus points if you can give a decent response.

My guess is that the man (after a lengthy and rather strange court case) has been allowed to marry the yet unnamed (protected for legal reasons) sawing machines. The second before he was about to kiss the bride *cough* machine *cough*; a man in a securicor van drove past and just couldn’t help but laugh at the poor defenseless textiles graduate who has married his favourite machine- he laughed so much that he crashed and slid into some muddy water. The police who were there to protect the man from evangelical preachers; to note of this happening and went to check it out – they all soon found the situation highly amusing. Well that’s my take, what is yours?

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A Loverly Love Story

The video below was created by me and my girlfriend Liz yesterday on our anniversary :)

It is entitled ‘A Loverly Love Story’ and is a play on the Monkton Toys products. We Have also added the video that contains the bloopers (there’s lots of them) so take a look:

A Loverly Love Story

A Loverly Love Story – Bloopers

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First Look at the Website

Here is the first screenshot of the Hetherington Creative website that will be out in a week or two – it’s looking great! And will be the basis of communicating my products and ideas in the future it will also show all the freelance work I have done.

Hetherington Creative wishes this website to be a success – we hope you will make it just that.

Here is the first glimpse:

Hetherington Creative

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