Nomination for the George Jackson Travelling Award 2012

Earlier this month I was nominated for the  the George Jackson Educational Foundation Travel Award. This is an annual award given to students from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design based on their academic achievement and proposal for travel.

I would use this trip to travel to Berlin, Germany to further my research into the identity and culture of people during the 1930’s a time when the far right and the far left had different ideas but left their mark on the city.

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ArD6-1 Review

My first graded review was set up as above, the review went well with my only feedback being a spelling mistake.

The design is an ‘Oat Ark’ with community/identity events that happen inside it, but it has a wider impact giving energy to the empty square.

I will post up details and high quality images of my sheets/models in January.

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Warwick Bar – Sense City Sustainable Landscape

After a year of hard work, at BSA we had two weeks of events varying from assembling the schools summer show to the project that I did, Warwick Bar.

Warwick Bar is part of Digbeth in Birmingham, it is a site (as shown in the pictures above) that has not been touched for over 10 years. Nature is taking back the industrial archaeology of the site with trees literally bursting through the walls of the ex garage on the site.


The site is being turned by Sense City into a 10 year project on sustainable living in Birmingham, a farm to fork project. My idea uses what is already on the site and ties it together with a cardboard tube structure that that defines spaces whilst allowing it to be used as functional growing spaces.

The project continues….

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ArD5 – 2 Final Sheet

The site is situated in the Gun Quarter area of Birmingham. This area has lost many of its gun manufacturers and has since fallen into disrepair. The site is regularily used by youths to drink and has a high crime rate.

The John Madin Collection archive therefore is at a prominent point in the area and drive on the further redevelopment of the area whilst maintaining the legacy of the area.

The context of the area is largely brick constructed industrial buildings with a variety of roof styles and sizes coming together to effectively appear as one mass. There are a number of white rendered 70’s modern buildings that appear in a state of disrepair. A modern building is located adjacent to the site.

The Birmingham to Fazeley Canal was an important link to the West Midlands feeding the factories of Birmingham, this is now being used mostly for tourism and has been replaced with a road links. The contrasts of scale between the two could be utlised in the building.

The archive was designed using the design concept (see site analysis sheet.) The building has a central atrium that separates the public galleries and private spaces into two unique identities.

The ceilings in the public spaces are large and open, whereas in the private spaces the ceiling drops down to 3m. This makes these spaces more intimate.

The mass of the building stays low to match the adjoining buildings.

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Year 2 – Landscape

Year 2 – First project – A landscape on a future cultural site for Birmingham.

The project took inspiration from Wassily Kandinsky Composition VI painting to create a central focus (Steven Holl Knut Hamsun Centre.) The landscape aims to shift focus and provide centres of high and low intensity. It links to the outside of the site with the new Library, BT tower and NIA.

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