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Year 2 – Landscape

Year 2 – First project – A landscape on a future cultural site for Birmingham.

The project took inspiration from Wassily Kandinsky Composition VI painting to create a central focus (Steven Holl Knut Hamsun Centre.) The landscape aims to shift focus and provide centres of high and low intensity. It links to the outside of the site with the new Library, BT tower and NIA.

Difficulty In Posting

Recently I have not found time to post regularly as I would like, but after the 18th of this month I should be free to express my rants more often for you to read. First look at a new video created for my univesity course. Enjoy.

A Tale of Cultures in Birmingham

Different cultures and backgrounds converging onto Birmingham Central Library from New Street Station. This film was created for the BCU Architecture course under the meta theme of Habitation. Please comment and tell us what you think.

The Collection – Artwork

The Collection - Ross Hetherington

The Collection - Ross Hetherington

Painting I created for architecture course – Based on The Collection by Siobhan Davis.
Composite of 5 different paintings.

First Weeks in Architecture

Finished my first piece of architecture work woop. We had to create an A2 poster showing our understanding of The Collection by Siobhan Davis – I have to confess that I did not enjoy the dance but I generally do not understand modern art. I managed to achieve the second part to notate the dance which did not have the outcome I wanted but it was hard to notate such a fast moving dance easier.

It shall be reviewed tommorow and I shall tell you the feedback, I shall also release a few of the elements for you to view.

First Day at Uni

My first day at uni was rather eventful. Was terribly and unctrollably ill on the train to uni to such an extent tha I had to purchase some new aftershave that was no really factored into my budget. When we got to the campus we were put onto a walk to the other side of birmingham to digbeth which was fun. Where we learned that most of our lectures will happen at this place while the uni was sorted, which is always fun. Then walked all the way to sign my life away with enrollment so my uni journey has started.

On the Road to Architecture Part 4

I do believe it is about time for me to update you lovely people about my journey to university and my chosen subject to read of Architecture. At the last contact I had been made an offer by both BIAD and Oxford Brookes for architecture courses and I was thinking about the technology that I needed to acquire to do this course.

On the offer front I have made BIAD my first choice for architecture on my UCAS form, this is mainly because I feel as a university it has a much better feel that at Oxford. Even though Oxford is a nicer area for my studies I believe it has to be Birmingham all the way.  Some people may be confused by this decision over a ‘higher’ placed university, but that university did not fit me and it also did not fit my ethos of an environment that should make you happy the second you walk in, much as what Birmingham provided me.

In terms of technology, I do believe I will be purchasing a Macbook Pro sometime soon as at the moment they are running a free iPod Touch offer and printer rebate. That all sounds lovely and inviting for me. I may in the future by an iPhone but it depends on my financial situation.

Talking about finanaces I have a good solid chunk of money coming my way, courtesy of the student finance people. As I am not staying in Birmingham this should tide me over nicely.

My next update should be after my A level results.

Tecnology Decisions

Although I should be thinking about exams, I am more interested in the various pieces of technology that I wish to acquire before I go off to university for architecture, providing I meet the grades.

The decision of a main laptop is a hard one, I want an Apple Macbook but I cannot justify the £1000 price tag plus all the extra stuff you need to ensure it is secure for the first 3 years. So the decision mainly comes crumbling down to a Dell but I have been so frustrated by their machines I may just have to splash the cash on such a device.

Now because going to Birmingham and back with a Apple is going to be some slog even though they are not heavy, I think a netbook may be in order. It can do all the writing capabilities of the Mac but will weigh so much less. This will be good for days where pure theory lectures are happening and when I don’t need to be creative. There is that option or I could purchase an iPhone although I would loose the word processing functionality it would still allow me to be in contact where ever I am and on the move.

The decisions of these products are going to be expensive but hopefully I can work it out after my exams. My iPhone decision may become answered when the 3rd gen of it is announced next month.

Oliver Hill – Architect

Oliver Hill

Oliver Hill is not a name that is in the super league as it were of architects, the vast majority of the population probably do not know who he is or what he has done. But when you ask about Norman Foster or Frank Gehry people will quite happily talk about them until the cows come home (yes I have to put a cliche in here, if you don’t like it go cry in your classical English dictionary.)

Here is some background about him from Garden Visit:

English architect, landscape architect and garden designer. A family friend of Edwin Lutyens, Oliver Hill was apprenticed to a builder and then to an architect. After gaining a reputation as a country house architect he began to design gardens and became a Fellow of the Institute of Landscape Architects. Oliver Hill’s early garden designs were in the Arts and Crafts style but he turned towards modernism in the 1930s, favouring curved lines.

So why do I like him, well he designs in one of my favourite styles Art Deco with all the bells and whistles. His most accomplished pieces is the Midland Hotel in Morecambe (England;) with streamlined curves designed for the LMS railways in the 1930′s. This vast piece is the iconic image of Morecambe and has been recently restored to its former glory by Urban Splash and architects Union North.

Midland Hotel

The second reason is that although he appears to be a normal Brit from the outside, like many geniuses there was an altergether more excentric side to the architect.  He enjoyed nothing more than “slipping away” at the weekend in his blue Rolls-Royce coupe with pink trim to Valewood Farm, his bric-a-brac-crammed farmhouse near Haslemere, with its musical lavatory-paper dispenser, peacocks and parrots. There he would don “any absurd suit of clothing to suit his mood”, only to take it off to surprise his guests into joining nudist frolics on the hilltops in high summer.

This was my homage to the great man, if anyone could tell me any more info about him I would be greatful.

On the Road to Architecture Part 3

On Tuesday I went to Birmingham City University for an interview and the open day, I was a tad worried as everyone else arrived with massive A1 folders probably brimming with art work and I had an A3 folder full of product design; oh and my lamp.

I love Birmingham it is a cosy little campus, with creative students at every turn. The kind of place where having designers block is probably not possible. When I went for my actual interview (with the course director) I found the whole experience amazing we talked about all kinds of random issues and it was great.

Today I have been notified that I have a conditional offer for BCU and I am chuffed.