Bombing Raid

Lancaster Bomber Google Earth

This has appeared on Google Earth for sometime, what is it? Well it’s an image taken of Huntington, England with a Lancaster Bomber (one featured in earlier posts) flying over head at the same time. It looks like it’s on one last bombing mission before returning to base… all it needs to be is black and white.

You can check this out on Google Earth yourself By typing in 52°20’10.90″N 0°11’43.32″W and then zooming in a little – Tell your friends!

If your interested with the Lancaster Bomber then check out an old post of mine. Here

EDIT: It is not on Google Earth anymore due to updating.

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Lancaster Bomber

Lancaster Bomber 1

Yesterday, I became part of a privileged few to see a living, working, fully-flying; queen of the skies the Lancaster Bomber… and she was looking beautiful as ever! But at the same time, daunting as her graceful bodywork whirled over your head, banking and sending vibrations through the floor and up your spine to give you the sense of instantly falling in love.

When you saw it coming from the distance (at Croome Park) for the first time, its wide body stretched out of the landscape, no noise (that was saved when it was up and personal) just floating with 4 Rolls-Royce engines doing their job, until suddenly it banked, and flew low above us over the trees… the sound was timeless… I will never forget the sound of that plane in my head.

It came over again right in-front of us, banking through the trees and around a church. Over a stately home then around the field again. It appeared to me, that the RAF pilot was having alot of fun chucking the girl around, and she seemed like she could still take on the world and win. Then coming close to the end, it whooshed, low over our heads, the under-carriage glinting with the RAF circles underneath… the sight was amazing.

It then continued to do a farewell swoop before going off back to where it sleeps… I will probably never get the chance to see one of these ladies flying again… which is really sad – But at the same time, makes me feel special – I have had a smile on my face since.

To tell you how rare they are; there were over 7,000 of these made for WWII but only 2 survive that are allowed to fly, we saw the one that is based at The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Museum the other is in Canada.

This was such a special occasion I have decided to give this post it’s own category… the memory is that special to me. I have also put some of my fathers photos of the plane (taken on a compact camera due to being hideously un-prepared) and some camcorder footage.

Lancaster Bomber 2

Lancaster Bomber 3

Lancaster Bomber 4

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