The Electric Cinema (Birmingham): Skeletons the Movie

The Electric Cinema

I made my first (and certainly not my last) foray into the independant none multiplex cinema experience yesterday and loved it. The Electric Cinema in Birmingham is the oldest working cinema in England with is art deco interior and exterior and classic ticket stubbs (that put a massive smile on my face.) It was an overall pleasant experience, being able to drink a proper cup of tea while watching a movie is a great experience, it makes it very homely and a nice atmosphere. They also sell a delectable selection of cakes and ice cream that I will delve into the next time I visit which I hope will not be too long away.

Skeletons the Movie

We saw Skeletions the Movie a beautiful British film about exposing the skeletons in the cupboard. To quote the film blurb “A pair of travelling salesmen wander in and out of people’s lives, performing a Procedure whereby hidden secrets and lies are exposed. When they arrive at a remote family home and can’t seem to get the job done, they discover that you can’t always get away from your own skeletons.”

Nick Whitfield deserves the awards the film has rightly received and I would wait in anticipation at his next project. This film has just the right amount of comedy with the dynamaic duo of Davis and Bennett and their relationship with themselves and the job and the drama. It even features the talents of Jason Issacs (hello the Jasson Issacs!) as The Colonel who is such a delightful and talented actor. I would try to hunt this film down ASAP sadly though due to the budget you will have to track down the film by clicking the link below or wait for it be released on DVD which it inevitably will. 

Screenings of Skeletons:
The Electric Birmingham:

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Project Virgle

This has just appeared on the wires purportedly having been posted by Sir Richard Branson to the Official Google Blog. The post talks about a joint venture set up between Google and Virgin to put a human settlement on Mars. Well, if anyone outside of NASA had the funds to do it these two would be good candidates – they have set up a variety of pages such as a test to see if you are fit and a YouTube page.

But wait a minute, check your calendars… It’s 1st April. That means the lovely charming characters at Google in California have been up-to their old tricks again. However, if you think this is for real then there is an application for you to becomes a Virgle Pioneer here. Good luck!

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Translation Malfunction

Everyone who did French in year 9 has experience in using those over-rated translating websites to do their homework. The ones that turned Frog (Grenouille) into something stupid like an Apple or worse. The fact that these exist in some forms can be put to good use such as translating foreign websites but in the case of work they are merde.

What this leads me onto is the fact that China for the Olympics (Beijing 2008) seems to be using these free translator for various information signs. I read the Daily Express today and they had a two page spread about some of the most hilarious ‘cock’ up translations of warning signs for instance. Below are some examples that I found particularly funny – if they want this Olympics to be a success I think some form of proper translator is needed by the Government in China to not make them a laughing stock. Even though they are as these Olympics are a cultural cleansed waste of time comparable to Berlin 1936 – where the strife of the country is covered up for a whole year – then someone like Jesse Owens comes into frames and really f***s up your plans for revolution in the country.

So here are some of my favourites:


I have no idea what this is meant to mean.

China, learn.

Are you sure this is good for us westerners to know?


This is apparently a great take on an Apple advert – it is not ‘Think Different’ in China it’s ‘Slip Carefully.’


Yes it is a Naive bear paradise.

And then my personal favourite of the bunch, please be ready to laugh:


Ha ha ha ha.

This leads me onto an overview of the spread:


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Can you explain this?

Can you explain this picture? Bonus points if you can give a decent response.

My guess is that the man (after a lengthy and rather strange court case) has been allowed to marry the yet unnamed (protected for legal reasons) sawing machines. The second before he was about to kiss the bride *cough* machine *cough*; a man in a securicor van drove past and just couldn’t help but laugh at the poor defenseless textiles graduate who has married his favourite machine- he laughed so much that he crashed and slid into some muddy water. The police who were there to protect the man from evangelical preachers; to note of this happening and went to check it out – they all soon found the situation highly amusing. Well that’s my take, what is yours?

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A Loverly Love Story

The video below was created by me and my girlfriend Liz yesterday on our anniversary :)

It is entitled ‘A Loverly Love Story’ and is a play on the Monkton Toys products. We Have also added the video that contains the bloopers (there’s lots of them) so take a look:

A Loverly Love Story

A Loverly Love Story – Bloopers

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