Rugby; a Gentleman’s Game.

We are getting close to the final of the Rugby World Cup 2007 with a final of England vs. South Africa approaching and as such I felt it necessary to talk about it.

Most sports such as Football (Soccer if your American) which they call a ‘mans game’ but when you look at it; it just isn’t. You have grown men acting like wimps in-front of millions of viewers falling down to get a cheap free kick. That’s not sporting if you are essentially having to cheat your way through but also their are times of magic on a football pitch – but the presence of people like Ronaldo who like to fall over with minimal contact wrecking it; it wrecks the sport for me. Also their is allot of Racism in the sport of Football, when black players are on the pitch you can hear fans shouting racist comments out (luckily this is being stopped slowly) – racism has no place in  Gentleman’s game. There is a final problem which is a major problem of all sport now is the presence of Corporate bodies running teams and players with a greed for more money than they really should get – this is a big problem people are playing for money and not for the love of the sport or the want to succeed. I heard a story about a kid who went on work experience to Birmingham City and watching the players train none of them managed to get over the limit to the point where they are actually exercising – that’s pathetic.

How does this all relate to Rugby? Well as you have probably seen they are quite happy to be menacing and tackle ruthlessly in the games they may get a little angry but as soon as the 80 minutes is up – they hug and clap each other and shake hands as it is a ‘battle’ and not a game their is victory with one side but the other side needs to be commended for their will and strengths. In most sports this would not be the case with rivalries that are not sporting but physical – for instance in Rugby the fans wouldn’t want to kick the heck out of each other because that would be against the games principles – rivalries are sporting and stay in the stadium and between the players when they are in the game and not outside of it.

Another factor in why Rugby is a gentleman’s game they break, hurt, pull muscles all day long and are still willing to be patched up and continue to play – even being knocked out does not stop them wanting to join in. You watch any match and most of them are strapped with some kind of bandage protecting some injury. They don’t care about their looks more than their ability (like footballers) most players suffer cauliflower ear which is a testament to how rough the game is and how great the players are.

This great introduction of the TV referee allows the game to be controlled properly and to keep players in line I find this a great system. Football needs to follow suit very soon as there are alot of problems with Referees getting harassed.

Finally, theatrics have no place. You will get yellow carded and maybe sin binned for falling over like a small child this is a mans game. If you fall over to easily you will get penalised as it’s not dangerous.

Rugby is a game of hearts and mind and will always be the true Gentleman’s game – until the men who are prepared to beat hell of each other run out which will be when the world turns metrosexual (I just hope I am dead by then.)

One example of a great player is Sébastien Chabal (France and Sale Sharks):


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