For 2012 | A Year of Running for the British Heart Foundation

Last year I ran for the Alzheimer’s Society in the Bupa Great Birmingham Run with a target of 200 hundred pounds, I ended up raising over 400 pounds and won an autograph from the legend that is Haile Gebrselassie. It was a great introduction to the world of half marathons and the fantastic people who run alongside and cheer people on the route, it is friendliness that I have never experienced before and I love every second of it.

In 2012, I will be running for the British Heart Foundation in an ever growing series of runs. I am hoping that over the year I will raise over 500 pounds for the BHF Hope Tank project and hopefully help in the many heart problems that plague my family and many families like us. It is a brilliant cause and I look forward to it motivating me throughout the year and get a new PB in Birmingham this October.

I am hoping to get a new mini video camera that I can capture some of my runs and training to show progress over the year. My website will keep track of my progress and the expected niggles that go on with it. I will create a poster for my fundraising effort in the coming months that will inform and no doubt delight you.

I have set up a new JustGiving page that will see me through the year, you can visit it here –

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The Electric Cinema (Birmingham): Skeletons the Movie

The Electric Cinema

I made my first (and certainly not my last) foray into the independant none multiplex cinema experience yesterday and loved it. The Electric Cinema in Birmingham is the oldest working cinema in England with is art deco interior and exterior and classic ticket stubbs (that put a massive smile on my face.) It was an overall pleasant experience, being able to drink a proper cup of tea while watching a movie is a great experience, it makes it very homely and a nice atmosphere. They also sell a delectable selection of cakes and ice cream that I will delve into the next time I visit which I hope will not be too long away.

Skeletons the Movie

We saw Skeletions the Movie a beautiful British film about exposing the skeletons in the cupboard. To quote the film blurb “A pair of travelling salesmen wander in and out of people’s lives, performing a Procedure whereby hidden secrets and lies are exposed. When they arrive at a remote family home and can’t seem to get the job done, they discover that you can’t always get away from your own skeletons.”

Nick Whitfield deserves the awards the film has rightly received and I would wait in anticipation at his next project. This film has just the right amount of comedy with the dynamaic duo of Davis and Bennett and their relationship with themselves and the job and the drama. It even features the talents of Jason Issacs (hello the Jasson Issacs!) as The Colonel who is such a delightful and talented actor. I would try to hunt this film down ASAP sadly though due to the budget you will have to track down the film by clicking the link below or wait for it be released on DVD which it inevitably will. 

Screenings of Skeletons:
The Electric Birmingham:

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R.I.P Cadbury

So this morning after months of ranging. Cadbury, one of Britain’s last great businesses that had a strong profit through the recession is to be sold. To the money grabbing, un-ethical Kraft (have you also seen the bollocks they make in America.)

So what will the Warren Buffett bum chum gang actually offer for this, well apparently 11.5 billion. Of which 7.0 billion of this is borrowed, that is un-trustworthy at the best of times especially as it will be Cadbury’s job to pay that money back. All the jobs in the UK are likely to go which I am most sore about as the Warren Buffett bum chum gang really do demand results even when Cadbury works just fine as it is.

Now I would like to take a second to really hurt the Cadbury board and any shareholders who actually agree this, this is still derisory. NOB OFF KRAFT.

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Is it Just Me or are Banks Impossible

Halifax Howard

Banks. The great economies are driven by these creatures of capitalism, when they get into trouble everything in life seems to get worse with words such as ‘reccession’ thrown about liberally.

This piece is not about how banks trade money to each other as that has been plentifully covered in the media, who by their own doing has thrown everyone into a state of panic. I am talking about how impossible it is when you phone up the bank to request something.

For example I had phoned by my bank; Halifax (a leading financial institution as the BBC would call it) to request a PIN reminder because my brain seems to of randomly thrown that information out the window and replaced it with A level learning.

I dialed the number, and was thrown into a world of dodging the unfathomable computer putting me through. You know where you have to dial 1, 3 blah blah to get through the options to get to a human who you hope will have the basic intelligence to provide you with an adequate service. Even when you have mastered the system you end up having to provide to a robot your identity and then you are put through several minutes of excruciating lift music. They could just put some classical music in the background, but instead they choose something which can only be seen as J Pop played by a talentless ant (random analogy I know.)

Then you get to the person on the other end, you immediately feel their pain of having to spend all day on the phone to disgruntled customers and being so de-motivated they could just die from sheer boredom. They then proceed to interrogate you before they will answer your query, such as ” what was your last payment?”. What was your last payment? I have no bloody idea it’s on your screen you tell me. Whats worse is if they phone you up and you are expected to know such information off the top of your head.

You eventually receive what you want but sometimes you could just give up. Hardly what I call service from a bank represented by Howard, the great.

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Hetherington Creative Stalled

Yes, everybody knows that this project has been dwindling in pace for a good while now. It is mainly down to myself not being well enough to communicate with the suppliers – or themselves not giving me answers when I want it. Which is really really annoying. I have spent the time to build the website, the brand and its image which is now fading because I cannot produce what I want to produce. It is really really annoying.

Anyway I will produce a PDF to be release on the website about the companies plans for the future as it stands at current. This should be informative and allow people to see how it has progressed. I would to tell you right now that the product will be released at a confirmed date but this is just not practical at the moment.

On a lighter note, my coursework is getting finished finally which is good.

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Project Virgle

This has just appeared on the wires purportedly having been posted by Sir Richard Branson to the Official Google Blog. The post talks about a joint venture set up between Google and Virgin to put a human settlement on Mars. Well, if anyone outside of NASA had the funds to do it these two would be good candidates – they have set up a variety of pages such as a test to see if you are fit and a YouTube page.

But wait a minute, check your calendars… It’s 1st April. That means the lovely charming characters at Google in California have been up-to their old tricks again. However, if you think this is for real then there is an application for you to becomes a Virgle Pioneer here. Good luck!

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My Idol

Well this is a bit of sad tale of who I look up-to in the world – he is not an actor, painter or photographer as some might suggest (even though I do like Paul Smith to an obsessive level.)

Eddie Jordan

Who I look upto is a man named Eddie Jordan (pictured above); ok so we have just established unless you are in-tune with the world you have no idea who he is and what he has done to make him great. Well for a start he managed to start motorsport teams which brought a sense of excitement and fun to the deal and the most part collected the greatest (and most egotistical) drivers into the sport. From their days in F3 to F1 most greats passed his way, from Damon Hill to Martin Brundle and then onto Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna all have had great success and are extremely respected in the sport.

So you are still thinking; ok, he brought some guys to a sport big deal he probably worked for Ferrari. That is so far from the truth he managed to weal and deal all the way from Ireland up-to the top. To manage to get an F1 team that with designer Gary Anderson managed to punch far above its weight and had some spectacular results especially with Damon Hill. Jordan Grand Prix Limited in its hey day was a team held together by Eddie with every ounce of smoosing the biggest of sponsors to get the car on a grid – in fact when he was in Ireland he would of sold them a road car along with the sponsorship just for good measure.

So what makes him great, just his brain and his attitude. He knows how to market products effectively including F1 cars and I am really sad I do not see him as much anymore. I would love to see him back in the sport (maybe next year Eddie) it was great to hear him speak about all the issues of the day and how open he was. He brought rock and roll to the clinic style operations of F1 and for that reason he has to be one of the greats in the all time of the sport.

So, what am I proposing. Well I think a fan club is in order – leave a comment if you would like one. It would be free, just to discuss the legend that is Eddie Jordan – my idol.

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Growing up, maybe to fast

Well, this is not a rant about how my youth is running away from me at a frenetic pace and will soon enough find myself sitting behind a computer in an office. No, this is about what is happening to me and the feeling that my youth has suddenly run out due to my own decisions.

As most people know I am not a normal teenage and have never aspired to do what teenagers ‘do’ (a.k.a go out and get drunk) it has never interested me and never will. What I do savour though is the knowledge that all financial worries are sorted out by your families overlord (also known as parents) and that food is always provided. But this again is not where my worry is; my worry is down to my company Hetherington Creative. I have been frenetically mailing around the UK finding suppliers, media and safety for my product the art-deco lamp – which in effect makes me feel like some project manager.

This feeling of growing old (dealing with other humans) has dawned on me how surreal it is to be doing this at my young age – people do not understand when a teenager walks through the door and they are expecting an ‘adult.’ It scares you and yet you know that its comforting because they are off their guard to – and thus are somewhat nervous. I will have to do this over and over to get the product launched and I am happy with the responsibility – but with coursework and other commitments its like a downward spiral of immense pressure.

Anyway, that is my deep emotional thought for this week. Please enjoy the following:

I cant stop thinking

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Presentation of Lamp for Funding

Today was the day that I broke out my shy defense shell of doom and presented my lamp to the expecting group of Young Chamber representatives to get funding.

My initial feelings after my shy belt is that it went quite well – using a wireless presenter is somewhat comforting having something to hold in your hand gives you something to do while presenting. My PowerPoint was solid and well detailed enough to get by – I just had the death defying task of talking to the group. This was hard at first and then I got into my stride, answering questions and getting a few giggles – so overall I feel it went well and I believe that I will have funding.

My teacher stole all my pictures that I have on my lamp which I feel they will be putting onto the newsletter which will be something to keep – lets just see how the project pans out now.


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Savile Row

After watching a program last night on BBC 4 – I want a Savile Row suit even more than I did before. The sheer workmanship, style and unprecedented quality is a huge draw to me personally.

The program was about how Savile Row is sadly loosing money due to a lack of new money in the row – you would think there tailors would be rolling in cash but in truth they are as broke as you and me. Having said that I have no idea why, they don’t advertise and yet they are the only businesses in the world who have to turn away customers because their order book is to full.

For instance Henry Poole & Co – the inventor of the tuxedo and tailor for Tsar Alexander II and III and the Royal Families from pretty much all over the world. Makes amazing clothes – they were making a dinner jacket for the designer of the Aston Martin DB9 (an amazing car) but also an amazing dinner jacket. He has the same predicament as me – being to tall and slim for off the peg fittings.

Norton & Sons also attracted me with their use of  British materials which I find highly respectable in modern society – including the best tweed from the borders of Scotland. Personally I usually find tweed a bit aristocracy based but this company has shown new light on the material and I want a casual jacket from them.

I think everyone should order a suit from the row – they are amazing and you get to look like James Bond. Plus its preserving craftsmanship something which I will defend to the hills.

Savile Row Sign

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