iPod intergration

Due to the new iPod 3.1.1 update I can now bring you unparalleled updates to my blog. I have wordpress beta on my iPod and there is a version of my blog tailored to he needs of mobile users. More on this and feedback from apples 09/09/09 keynote later on.

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Raft of New Products (Macworld 2009)

Apple ogo

Macworld this year was a good one, Steve Jobs may of been absent but Phil Shiller took to the stage with a great opening line.

“Good morning. I’m so excited to deliver the Macworld 09 keynote. I’m so glad you all showed up.”

iLife 09

They were talking all about Mac this Macword, their first new product to offer for iLife 09 which was to be expected. It has some new ‘events’ one such as faces which uses face detection to discover people in different photos which is kind of cool. As well as this a feature that allows you to tag by places, called ‘Places’ will be added to iPhoto – this uses geotagging in the latest raft of digital equipment of mobile phones to record the long/lat of where somewhere is. If you don’t have GPS, iPhoto has a selection of thousands of places to tag against – it has a built in map system like Google Maps. iPhoto now connects directly to both Facebook and Flickr which is a brilliant idea and it updates when people update the tags on these websites.

When you run a slideshow, it uses the face detection technology to cut out people an place them into different events. Such as Phil making pictures flap in and out of an iPod advert.

iMovie 09 sets to right the wrongs of the last version, Apple actually admitting they did something wrong for one reminds me of the grovel they did when AppleTV was un-successful.

Phil showed off some of the new features of iMovie09, such as dynamic themes and animated travel maps but also a nifty image stabilisation system with no loss of quality. An engineer Randy Ubillos showed off some of the advanced features such as a great drag and drop tool which immediately splices the video to fit it in, the same with sound on the video. The technology used for this is complex but it is what everyone wants, simple drag and drop slicing and choosing the best clip.


One feature of Garageband 09 was shown called ‘Learn to Play’ it allows you to learn how to play an instrument of choice – such as a guitar, keyboard etc etc. They use videos some are even done by people from the real music industry such as Sting for example which is a neat idea – however these have to be purchased from their online store which means it is probably likely to fail or sell slowly.

It will be shipping soon for the usual price, with all new macs blah blah.

iWork 09 (joy)


This is just going to be a summary because it is like explaining Office, it works well and you have to buy it because all of your friends will use Keynotes. Some good stuff such as the Keynote remote, which uses the iPhone/touch to control the pages as they go through.


Like Google Docs only by Apple, it is only in Beta mode for feedback reasons but it pretty much is the same thing. Apple do seem to be trying to eat into their business partners share of the online space that is only a bad thing with Google.

17″ Macbook Pro

Great news a new laptop is out the 17″, massive screen with Matte display now. Unibody like the rest of them, this i’m sure will be a hit with the designers out there who can afford one of these beasts. Has up to 8gb of ram onboard with the latest graphics systems – it’s looking good.

It has apparently the longest battery life ever, with over 8 hours usage this is pretty good considering the size of the screen and what it will be used for. It ofcourse like the rumours said it would be non-removable, it is pretty impressive tech and I am sure the video they showed will be appearing alongside the new product online. Along with their eco message saying that it will not hurt the earth in one little bit, because the battery lasts longer blah blah. I am sure the battery company working for apple is very pleased with this new component for the laptop it is pretty revolutionary.


iTunes is going DRM free atlast :)

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Design Contract – Exotic Nights

Please Note: This post may contain items which parents would not wish their children to see – for this reason if you are at all concerned please read it through first or ignore this post. Thank you.

I was commissioned to build the website (including newsletter template) and create a new logo for the business as it grows from its humble eBay origins into a store that will have a reputation within the adult clothing industry. But adult not as in cheap tacky rubbish you get in cheesy magazines you might read – but high quality costumes. I would not agree to work for a company that sells tat as I don’t think it would look good on my portfolio.
The logo I designed went through a progressive stage build from simple drawings to the final thing – we have settled on this logo as we feel it suits the business and its future perfectly.

Exotic Nights Logo

The slogan at the bottom is a progression from the one that is a bit of a cliche in the industry ‘Dare to be Daring’ or ‘Dare to be Different’ this new logo and strap line should set the business apart and gives it a whole new and fresher look.

Along with this I was commissioned to produce a e-commerce site for the company so it would not have to continue trading on eBay in a full or total capacity in future due to spiraling costs. This is still in construction so I do not wish to disclose any information about this website until nearer the launch date.

However, in the mean time I have produced a holding site that links to the eBay store at current – this looks clean, fresh and modern as well as shows the corporate identity of the company perfectly. You will be able to see this new look now or very soon over at www.exoticnights.co.uk take a look.

Here is a screenshot of the website:

Exotic Nights Website

As the beady eyed of you will notice there is a newsletter you can sign upto this will allow the company to communicate to you about new lines of products and also when the new website is available to view. Accordingly I thought that the newsletter needed a sense of corporate identity so I created a quick template from all the newsletters to be based on (you can see this below) this will mean that Exotic Nights will have a professional impression on the customer and that emails will stand out rather than fade into the background.

E-Mail Template

Sign upto the newsletter below:

Do You Want Exotic Nights Newsletter?

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YouTube Now International

We are all used to the video delights (and pure shite) YouTube throws onto the web, allowing people to post whatever they feel. From video blogs to full on videos and documentaries, or how most people use it, ripping TV shows and posting clips on the sites a few minutes after the initial video is on TV.

It was once a purely ‘one’ country website, where you had language settings etc. But now with localised sites coming in Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the UK, people can now get the language they speak and country specific comments and video rankings. Doing all this, without destroying the ethos, that the world can share videos together and interact for the better of cultures and the world.

“Video is universal and allows people around the world to communicate and exchange ideas,” said YouTube’s Co-Founder Chad Hurley. “Our mission is to entertain, inform and empower the world through video.”

The reason for localised websites, its simple because half of all visitors to YouTube.com are from outside the
US and as such need to keep with the competition and keep the viewers of the website, happy.

Since Google bought YouTube earlier in the year, the company has been expanding, signing contacts with large television companies and football clubs to bring on-demand video to peoples homes. They have signed about 150 contracts in just March this year; this shows what a dominant power YouTube has become.All I can say, from a simple idea YouTube is not a global superpower online and good for them!

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