Mango Bikes – It has Finally Arrived

Way back in June I ordered a Mango Bike, at the time I thought the small wait would be fine but it was for various reasons prolonged until the start of September. It is such a fun process playing with the online options for hours to try and come up with a bike to your exact liking, what colour to choose and where to apply it. There are almost infinite options to choose from, I eventually picked a classic combination of a blue frame with red and white components with a cheeky bit of a pink on the handle bars and saddle.

I ordered the bike and waited, but it stayed as the screenshot for an age. These bikes are popular and sell out immediately when stock comes in so you have to wait a few months to get your baby.

Eventually it arrived and everything is well, I have yet to ride it extensively but it does accelerate well and pings around corners. The saddle is fantastically uncomfortable however and I will be changing that for a Brooks Colt ASAP.

Here are some pics, the weather hasn’t been good enough for beauty shots yet:

The box – the tea was a necessity
How it arrives… looks a little daunting.
The finished bike!


Little test ride around a local lake


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Brooks Saddle


I now have Birmingham’s finest under my bum as I cycle along. The wonder of the B-17 cycle saddle, is that it may be rock hard (and don’t you feel it after a while) but it moulds and softens to give you that perfect shape. Unlike a gel saddle it will last and last and last while still remaining timeless.


I have a recently restored classic road bike, the Falcon Shane Sutton Special from the 1980’s. The bike was great but was missing a period saddle to complete the look. I found the Standard B-17 Brooks Saddle from for a rather cheap £40 for quality, others have found the company to be annoying but they were fine with me it was merelyRoyal Mail being slow. In the package you get the saddle and a tightening wrench to tighten the leather as it stretches, as well as a really cool idea of a Brooks newspaper.

So I applied Proofride (Brooks saddlewax ) to my saddle and coated the underside of the saddle along with boot waterproofer. Waiting to permiate and then buffed it off with a Brooks cloth for a nice even shine (although my bum would prob of done the same thing.)


Then stuck the saddle on the bike and it really completed the look, I have only done about 10 miles on it since I first used it on Friday but it is really good. I will give a full report as it breaks in (around the 100 mile point although with the hot weather we are having prob a lot faster.)


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Reasons to get a Knighthood

The new year Honours list shows who is going to be awarded the various titles that the UK gives to people from within the commonwealth such as an MBE or even a Knighthood. Usually it goes to scientists, charity fundraisers or war heroes and to all of those I have very little problem with. It is mainly the ones that are given to sports men and women and in particular footballers who are still in the prime of their career.

So when I read the list in the morning paper I saw some names which I thought very much needed recognition such as the author Terry Pratchett being knighted which I thought was very appropriate due to his work with alzheimer’s. Lewis Hamilton getting an MBE for his services to motorsport which again I think is very appropriate as he brought much higher viewing figures into the sport and more money into it. As well as a few other Olympic sports people getting MBE and CBE which all are deserving of this as they are not retired and still very much in the sport.

Then theres Chris Hoy the cyclist, now I am under no illusion at his grandure winning three gold medals in the summer Olypics and generally pulling ‘Team GB’ together. But when I read that he was to be knighted I was confused, he is currently in the middle of his career and has only just started to bring interest to the sport to the sport. He should of be graced with an MBE or CBE first before the knighthood which should come after active service.

Another disappointment was the fact that Bruce Forsyth has been awarded a CBE instead of the Knighthood which everyone I am sure wanted him to receive.

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