War of the Worlds Live – Birmingham NIA

We went to the live show for War of the Worlds (WotW) a few nights ago and I have to say it is a fantastic spectacle. With the right amount of lights and pyro, mixed with the great sound of a string orchestra and a live band. Then you add a smidgen of uber talented people like Justin Hayward and Jeff Wayne and it makes one brilliant show.

They integrate the vast majority of the music with on screen graphics, that is a nice touch when trying to tell a story but the music is so familiar that they could just play behind a screen and you would be happy.

I tried to get a few pics and a video that I placed below, but it was hard to get the camera focused with the people infont of me confusing it.

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New Bass Rig

My lovely new bass rig, it sounds Amazing!

Ashdown MAG 250 Head


‘Made in England’ MAG 250 head has a sweet classis sound like vintage Ampeg only minus the valves.

Ashdown Head (VU meter)

Trace Elliot 1153 Cab (Pre-Gibson)


I have purchased a near mint 1153 cab the legendary 15″ that sounds amazing.

Ashdown MAG head with Trace Elliot 1153 Cab

Bassic-Bits Cables


High quality Klotz cables connect my Ashdown to the Trace Cab, this guy produces super high quality handmade cables at an affordable price. Visit his website here.

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Financial Challenge

It suddenly dorned on me that after playing bass for over 5 years, the only live performance I have ever done was over the last few nights in the Wiz. This clearly is not good enough, so I have decided to run the costly channel of purchasing a second hand bass rig, either a MAG 250 head an MAG 210 cab or one of the new Marshall combos MB 4210 and then joining/starting a blues/Motown ground.

If there is anyone who lives in Worcestershire and wishes to join such a group you are more than welcome.

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The Wiz is Over

Out high school run of the ‘The Wiz’ is over, after 3 night time performances and one to middle schools the 7 month project is completed. Playing bass was good fun, except for my bass strings which died. I tried in vein to buy some new ones, bu the first set they sent were wrong and the second were too short and after two nights of beating 2 kinds of hell out of them, they were dead.

I will be sad to see it go, learning a huge amount of songs in very little time was challenging but fun.

Here’s a shot of a quaint little hall:

Our Hall

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Musical Project Finally Underway

The musical project that was discussed almost a year ago, is now coming to the front of my thinking process.

I will soon be the proud owner of a washboard, a tea chest bass (constructed myself) and various folk instruments such as a Uke. Then its off to play around with classics from Lonnie Donegan, and other greats. As soon as all this is ready, I will begin to acquire all the bits needed to get a few tracks down and show off the fruits of my labour.

As of today I have a Ukulele, and I am incredibly happy about how it has turned out and what I have achieved with only a days play under my belt. Also today I have a washboard from America that has arrived, it has a fantastic sound and I will enjoy playing that in my project. As for the tea chest, we found one in the garage, and I have only just started doing the cosmetics on it, such as strengthening and tidying up the metal surrounds. It is such a lovely tea chest, with lots of lovely original markings all over it.

Soon the music will begin in earnest, woopie.

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