F1 is Back

F1 2009 is go go go and it looks like all change at the front, with newcomer Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams pushing out front and the regulars lagging behind. This looks good for F1 making the fight a bit more interesting. I will certainly be watching the race but maybe not at 6am in the morning that it is on the BBC, most likely record it to watch over and over.

Also with F1 the controversy is not very far away, it is already believed the rear diffuser on the Brawn and other top cars is illegal even though the FIA passed it, and who is behind this challenge moaning old Ferrari.

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BBC F1 Coverage Revealed

I will get to the people who are involved in next years programming a little bit lower down, but to start with I have been waiting a return to the BBC removing the very annoying adverts from the program. But there is one thing the BBC MUST do when they relaunch it next year, is to bring back the old theme of ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac, it is the natural theme tune for the great race.

Now onto the people, I have decided to put pictures above each name just to give those people who do not know who they are some insight:



David Coulthard

Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan (THE LEGEND)

Jake Humphrey

Jake Humphrey



Johnathan Legard (From BBC 5live)

Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle


Murray Walker

Murray Walker (another legend of F1)

Pit Lane

Ted Kravitz

Ted Kravitz

Lee McKenzie

Lee McKenzie

I hope it works out for the Beeb.


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Lewis Hamilton, Finally

Lewis Hamilton

After last years nail biting end, a will he won’t he show right down to the wire which ended up in loss for Hamilton. Was almost an exact repeat of this year, except for a wonderful moment for the country when at the last second Hamilton took Glock (rain conditions mainly caused this.) This made Lewis Hamilton the champion for Formula 1 this year.

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Project: Gravity

So what is this project all about; well like most of my projects it has a sense of randomness about it. This time however it is a project which I have wanted to do since a certain episode of the Simpson’s showed it a number of series ago.

I am of-course talking about Gravity Racers – or Soap Box Derby racers if you wish to call them that. What I want to do is produce an aerodynamic vehicle to take part in UK competitions for gravity racers. Hence ‘Project: Gravity’ has come about; we have a large number of plans for this project and more will be revealed in future. But here are our initial plans for the project:

  • Gather funding, parts and people to join the team and produce the Project: Gravity vehicle.
  • Test the vehicle and begin racing.
  • Produce a website for the vehicle and its future plans.
  • Create the final name for the project – this will be applied everywhere the vehicle goes.

We hope this is a successful project. More after the jump.

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My Idol

Well this is a bit of sad tale of who I look up-to in the world – he is not an actor, painter or photographer as some might suggest (even though I do like Paul Smith to an obsessive level.)

Eddie Jordan

Who I look upto is a man named Eddie Jordan (pictured above); ok so we have just established unless you are in-tune with the world you have no idea who he is and what he has done to make him great. Well for a start he managed to start motorsport teams which brought a sense of excitement and fun to the deal and the most part collected the greatest (and most egotistical) drivers into the sport. From their days in F3 to F1 most greats passed his way, from Damon Hill to Martin Brundle and then onto Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna all have had great success and are extremely respected in the sport.

So you are still thinking; ok, he brought some guys to a sport big deal he probably worked for Ferrari. That is so far from the truth he managed to weal and deal all the way from Ireland up-to the top. To manage to get an F1 team that with designer Gary Anderson managed to punch far above its weight and had some spectacular results especially with Damon Hill. Jordan Grand Prix Limited in its hey day was a team held together by Eddie with every ounce of smoosing the biggest of sponsors to get the car on a grid – in fact when he was in Ireland he would of sold them a road car along with the sponsorship just for good measure.

So what makes him great, just his brain and his attitude. He knows how to market products effectively including F1 cars and I am really sad I do not see him as much anymore. I would love to see him back in the sport (maybe next year Eddie) it was great to hear him speak about all the issues of the day and how open he was. He brought rock and roll to the clinic style operations of F1 and for that reason he has to be one of the greats in the all time of the sport.

So, what am I proposing. Well I think a fan club is in order – leave a comment if you would like one. It would be free, just to discuss the legend that is Eddie Jordan – my idol.

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Business Plan – 200th Post

I hope to set up a company very soon that should pave the way for my future in design. It shall cover 3 aspects although these shall be implemented over time or when I see fit for their introduction. This could be when the money is available or there is a gap in the market that I could fill with my product. The businesses broad name shall be ‘Hetherington Creative’ and shall have a number of logos associated with it that will eventually be trademarked. As well as this I hope ‘Hetherington Creative’ will become a ‘Limited company’ in the near future along with a website that shall be constructed shortly.

The first aspect of my business will be the design aspect – making products that fit a niece in the market that can be exploited. This will come through various home products from furniture to small electrical fittings such as lamps. As well as this the company shall focus on new media such as web design – already designing corporate sites like Exotic Nights. This aspect will be the mainstay of our business model for the next few years. Trying to expand production and introducing new items using innotive or different materials such as technical plastics and cardboard. Hopeful this aspect can be successful in terms of sales and the repore it receives from magazines and the general public.

Our second aspect for the business would be to set up a racing arm that focused on producing cars to run in ‘autograss’ or ‘hillclimb/sprint’ racing at first. This will be achieved by modifying a donor car using the money received by sponsors and the design aspect. We hope this is successful or can be achieved in a short space of time. This would bring brand exposure to the business and hopefully pave the way in motorsport (something that I am deeply interested in.)

The final aspect of ‘Hetherington Creative’ would be a record label. This would allow a small focused group of radical musicians a free will in producing their music to the masses. This would be implemented to get small blues/jazz etc musicians some exposure as well as drawing interest back into the design company. This would however be run under a different name that allows it to have a certain amount of freedom away from the main business – allowing the possibility of shareholders to take control of parts of it and make it better for the musicians.

Watch this space and see what happens – also thank you to everyone who has posted on my blog since its creation we are now at 200 posts!

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End of the Season

Kimi Raikkonen

Well F1 has ended – Kimi Raikkonen has his first championship and well deserved and the politics for this year that has the wrecked the season has ended; or has it?

When the cars were checked after the race 3 drivers were found to have fuels that could run a temperatures outside the band they are allowed. So instead of being cooled to 10 degrees celsius below ambient they were running the fuel at 12-14 degrees celsius this would allow extra performance. However, last night it came to conclusion that there was no conclusive evidence so no action was taken. But…

McLaren was penalised heavily even though there was no conclusive evidence, so I can see them appealing against the result. Why could McLaren get the brunt of it without the other teams getting such a penalty. I find that wrong and deaply dangerous for the sport. They have told their intentions to appeal to the FIA and no date has been given as yet.

If McLaren win it means that Hamilton not Raikkonen would be champion – we will wait and see.

Lewis Hamilton

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My Respects To Colin McRae

Colin McRae

The great rally driver died over this weekend in a reported Helicopter crash – I would like to just say he was a great man and got alot of people interested in the sport of Rallying through himself and his games that have international acclaim. He will be sadly missed in the motorsport community – an all time great has once again been lost.

Also on the helicopter are supposedly his son (aged 5) and Colin’s friend and his son – all are report to have been killed.

This truly is a tragedy.

Colin McRae MBE 1968 – 2007 Rest in Peace


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FIA Will Not Penalise McLaren

The FIA yesterday released to to the world that McLaren Formula One Team will not have any penalty imposed onto them for the possession of confidential Ferrari Formula One Team files – However McLaren have been warned that if any evidence comes to light then they could be excluded from championships.

The motorsport governing body said that although McLarens suspended chief designer Mike Coughlan had access to Ferraris confidential files – There was no way to prove that McLaren benefited at all from it.

“The WMSC is satisfied that Vodafone McLaren Mercedes was in possession of confidential Ferrari information and is therefore in breach of article 151c of the International Sporting Code,” said an FIA statement.

“However, there is insufficient evidence that this information was used in such a way as to interfere improperly with the FIA Formula One World Championship.

“We therefore impose no penalty.”

The FIA said it would summon McLaren again if it subsequently emerged that the team had made use of the data – and threatened draconian penalties in that event.

“But if it is found in the future that the Ferrari information has been used to the detriment of the championship, we reserve the right to invite Vodafone McLaren Mercedes back in front of the WMSC where it will face the possibility of exclusion from not only the 2007 championship but also the 2008 championship,” it said.

The FIA spotlight will now turn to Coughlan and Ferrari engineer Nigel Stepney, the other figure at the centre of the scandal.

Stepney is believed to be the source of the Ferrari data found at Coughlan’s house.

He was sacked by Ferrari after an investigation into his actions, and is the subject of a criminal case in Italy.

Shortly after the scandal broke, it emerged that Stepney and Coughlan had made a joint approach to Honda and were interested in joining the team’s staff.

The FIA confirmed that it intends to pursue action against the two men.

“The WMSC will also invite Mr Stepney and Mr Coughlan to show reason why they should not be banned from international motor sport for a lengthy period and the WMSC has delegated authority to deal with this matter to the legal department of the FIA,” said its statement.

(Most of this post is copyright to ITV)

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