For 2012 | A Year of Running for the British Heart Foundation

Last year I ran for the Alzheimer’s Society in the Bupa Great Birmingham Run with a target of 200 hundred pounds, I ended up raising over 400 pounds and won an autograph from the legend that is Haile Gebrselassie. It was a great introduction to the world of half marathons and the fantastic people who run alongside and cheer people on the route, it is friendliness that I have never experienced before and I love every second of it.

In 2012, I will be running for the British Heart Foundation in an ever growing series of runs. I am hoping that over the year I will raise over 500 pounds for the BHF Hope Tank project and hopefully help in the many heart problems that plague my family and many families like us. It is a brilliant cause and I look forward to it motivating me throughout the year and get a new PB in Birmingham this October.

I am hoping to get a new mini video camera that I can capture some of my runs and training to show progress over the year. My website will keep track of my progress and the expected niggles that go on with it. I will create a poster for my fundraising effort in the coming months that will inform and no doubt delight you.

I have set up a new JustGiving page that will see me through the year, you can visit it here –

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Bupa Great Birmingham Run 2011 – Report

My first half marathon, my second only race, the 2011 Bupa Great Birmingham Run (Half Marathon) was a challenge. I struggled at around 8 miles for the rest of the run but I shall talk about that in a minute, previous to that it was the greatest and hardest experience of my life. I loved every second of it though.

Starting with 15,000 people there was a buzz, doing the communal warm-ups before we were called to the front, through a squeezing barrier and then we were off. Running down part of Broadstreet, through the back of the bull ring, into Digbeth and out onto the Pershore road. This was one long road, lots of lovely noise provided by bands until we got to chocolate production heaven that is Cadbury on the other side. Round Bournville which looked for all intense and purpose like the whole suburb had come out to the support us runners (I love Bournville) at this point I was overtaken by two people dressed as elvis which was a little shock. Down from Bournville back on to the Pershore road, passed the halfway stage. This was all fine, I was in a rhythm and then a massive stabbing pain at mile 8 hit me I ground to a halt.

My chest had a massive stabbing pain across it, I decided it was best to walk and see whats what, eventually it subsided and I could run about 400metres without it hurting then I would have to stop. I had to the do this until the very end of the race. Until I got to the last mile and then I decided to just run the whole lot, by the end I was in agony, I was crying with pain my chest was hurting so much but I got through it and I felt better for it (Once I had recovered!.)

I will be back next year, fit and healthy! (hopefully.)

From my target of £200 – I have reached nearly £390 for the Alzheimer’s Society and I am overwhelmed by the amount.  Thank you to everyone! I would like to make it £400 just to round it off nicely – please donate:

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Birmingham City University News Piece – “Marathon effort for Alzheimer’s”

A student from the School of Architecture will be raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society this October as he takes part in the Great Birmingham Run.

Ross Hetherington, who is in the third year of his degree in Architecture, will be participating in the Great Birmingham Run on the 23 October.

Ross commented: “I have only been running for six months, but I’ve really pushed over the summer to run consistently and increase my distances. This will be my first half marathon, so it has required a lot of persistence and drive to keep going. I’ve also had to fight set backs along the way with my knee after I suffered a Patella strain.”

He added: “The Alzheimer’s Society are a great cause helping people who have Dementia in the best possible way. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and seeing someone deteriorate in front of you is shocking. If my donations can help just a little bit then that is a positive thing.”

The run will be broadcast live on Channel 5 at 10:30 on 23 October. You might even be able to catch a sight of Ross, he will be runner number 13159.

You can help Ross’s campaign for the Alzheimer’s Society by visiting his JustGiving page.

From Birmingham City University News Wire

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Redditch Advertiser News Piece – “Redditch man puts on his running shoes for the Alzheimer’s Society”

A REDDITCH man will be donning his running shoes and taking part in the 2011 Bupa Great Birmingham Run on Sunday, October 23 to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Ross Hetherington, aged 20, comes from Redditch and is currently in his third year as a studen of architectore at the Birmingham School of Architecture, part of Birmingham City University.

Mr Hetherington said: “This is my first half marathon and it is going to be tough, but I am doing the run after seeing my grandmother becoming debilitated in front of my eyes for no rightful reason.

“Dementia really is a terrible terrible condition and I think the more you can do to help fight the causes and effects of it the better. Although I can only raise a small amount put together it can help the situation for the better.”

To sponsor Mr Hetherington, visit

From Redditch Advertiser: (

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