This Government has Gone Mad

The UK Government seems to have it in their head, that taxing people who earn over £150,000 45% of their earnings will somehow help. This government has always had a nack of dulling down success, these people worked hard in various successful businesses that contribute to the country; in one fell swoop they wish to take away half of these peoples incomes. We already get taxed 40% if you earn over £39,825 so what actual effect would 45% do other than forcing more people to leave the country because it is simply not economical.

This is only a short rant, but I hope it is kind of effective.

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Barack Obama is Good for America

I am not an American, therefore I have no vote but I am still affected by the issues in America as is the worlds economy and political direction.

I would employ every American who has not pre-voted, to head on down and cast your valuable vote for Barack Obama. The world is watching,

The only way in which McCain will win, would be because of the racist element still lingering in America; if this was to take place this would be very damaging to America. You have a chance to invest in a leader to drive America and the world forward, if you take the wrong choice, you will have a repeat of the last 8 years. Maybe even worse, it could lead to America being led by that bear hunting scary woman, Sarah Palin (Shudders.)

So please, if you have a vote, make it November 4th 2008.

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Oh no the NUT’s are Striking

24 April 2008 the day of the NUT. Yes to most people I will be talking absolute garbage (something about NUT’s you say)  and to some I am talking about a serious moment in the UK education environment. As NUT are striking for the first time in 20 years and that is all because of the only thing that drives people – money, money, money, money (spoken like the guy in the Incredibles who clears up the mess.)

Like everyone else is in the same boat, but the main problem is can the government really afford to pay teachers what the require. With every public service stretched and the bloody waste of money 2012 Olympic Games in London. Yes, that is right, you will only get your pay rise if you go back in time and stop the bloody waste of money even being considered.

This post really has no relevance but it affected me so I might as well write a badly written post about it – see what you did to me you heartless English teachers – destroying my education (I do not take English at A level – so no need to squabble.)

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CE Marking

My lamp needs CE certification in order for it to be sold in the EU which is causing many a mind melting moments in my head. Trying to figuire out how to either get round it or get clear guidance on how to apply for it. I have never run a business nor wanted to sell a product before but this seems like a good opportunity to do it. Just I need help.

Please comment below if you know how to get hold of a CE mark in the UK under the Low Voltage directive. Or just any advice from anyone who has sold electrical products before. It would be much appreciated.

To see my lamp:

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My 10 Downing Street Petition

The Downing Street petitions have been successful not because the PM listens to any of them but because it shows how people are unhappy with everyday life under the Labour government. People starting petitions for tax or education and getting thousands of signatures, hoping that they will listen. But in reality they wont listen – these petitions cannot do anything due to be blocked by UK or EU law.

However, just in-case they listen just once I have joined them. My petition is about making sure that every single exam paper has the questions written in proper check English. Not confusing but straight forward as I am annoyed about facing questions doing lots of work and realising the question told me to do something different because of its wording. If you know what I mean then this petition is for you.

You may sign your name (if your a UK citizen) here.

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End of the Season

Kimi Raikkonen

Well F1 has ended – Kimi Raikkonen has his first championship and well deserved and the politics for this year that has the wrecked the season has ended; or has it?

When the cars were checked after the race 3 drivers were found to have fuels that could run a temperatures outside the band they are allowed. So instead of being cooled to 10 degrees celsius below ambient they were running the fuel at 12-14 degrees celsius this would allow extra performance. However, last night it came to conclusion that there was no conclusive evidence so no action was taken. But…

McLaren was penalised heavily even though there was no conclusive evidence, so I can see them appealing against the result. Why could McLaren get the brunt of it without the other teams getting such a penalty. I find that wrong and deaply dangerous for the sport. They have told their intentions to appeal to the FIA and no date has been given as yet.

If McLaren win it means that Hamilton not Raikkonen would be champion – we will wait and see.

Lewis Hamilton

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I felt it was appropriate with the way things are going to start this post with TESCO written in large capitalised letters and then adding three exclamation points after it. I decided I should do this because the company is shoved in your face everywhere you look and it needs to be presented how it presents itself – aka ‘Oi! small family business dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ and then promptly fills the tiny gap in the screw selling market so it gets a huge share of the market it doesn’t need.

There is no real point to this post after my little tiny rant in the previous paragraph. But I suppose I could write about how they are taking over all the small businesses and effectively closing down rural England with their might and their power. They arn’t doing anything wrong in business terms – just growing to fill needs and focusing on the demands of their shareholders but Tesco has little compassion for the family firms that just want to be left alone.

For instance Tesco go out their way to take products traditionally sold in department stores or DIY stores and then place them on their shelves next to the fruit and veg. This is diversity and because it’s so diverse the EU cannot stop them due to a legal loophole in the market share quotas. As Tesco effectively work in several markets now, there is no single market that they could pin them down to lower competition.

Then I am just ranting atm – Tesco needs to show that they care for the small businesses more and the rural communities destroyed by it and other large supermarkets. They are putting people out of home and a job perhaps inevitably.

I feel Tesco needs to run a small community project where they support small stores but are allowed to help them out and take a small slice of profits that way they get more stores without having to drive them out of business – i’m sure they would never even think of this but it is one solution they could look into.

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