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Please Note: This post may contain items which parents would not wish their children to see – for this reason if you are at all concerned please read it through first or ignore this post. Thank you.

I was commissioned to build the website (including newsletter template) and create a new logo for the business as it grows from its humble eBay origins into a store that will have a reputation within the adult clothing industry. But adult not as in cheap tacky rubbish you get in cheesy magazines you might read – but high quality costumes. I would not agree to work for a company that sells tat as I don’t think it would look good on my portfolio.
The logo I designed went through a progressive stage build from simple drawings to the final thing – we have settled on this logo as we feel it suits the business and its future perfectly.

Exotic Nights Logo

The slogan at the bottom is a progression from the one that is a bit of a cliche in the industry ‘Dare to be Daring’ or ‘Dare to be Different’ this new logo and strap line should set the business apart and gives it a whole new and fresher look.

Along with this I was commissioned to produce a e-commerce site for the company so it would not have to continue trading on eBay in a full or total capacity in future due to spiraling costs. This is still in construction so I do not wish to disclose any information about this website until nearer the launch date.

However, in the mean time I have produced a holding site that links to the eBay store at current – this looks clean, fresh and modern as well as shows the corporate identity of the company perfectly. You will be able to see this new look now or very soon over at take a look.

Here is a screenshot of the website:

Exotic Nights Website

As the beady eyed of you will notice there is a newsletter you can sign upto this will allow the company to communicate to you about new lines of products and also when the new website is available to view. Accordingly I thought that the newsletter needed a sense of corporate identity so I created a quick template from all the newsletters to be based on (you can see this below) this will mean that Exotic Nights will have a professional impression on the customer and that emails will stand out rather than fade into the background.

E-Mail Template

Sign upto the newsletter below:

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