End of the Season

Kimi Raikkonen

Well F1 has ended – Kimi Raikkonen has his first championship and well deserved and the politics for this year that has the wrecked the season has ended; or has it?

When the cars were checked after the race 3 drivers were found to have fuels that could run a temperatures outside the band they are allowed. So instead of being cooled to 10 degrees celsius below ambient they were running the fuel at 12-14 degrees celsius this would allow extra performance. However, last night it came to conclusion that there was no conclusive evidence so no action was taken. But…

McLaren was penalised heavily even though there was no conclusive evidence, so I can see them appealing against the result. Why could McLaren get the brunt of it without the other teams getting such a penalty. I find that wrong and deaply dangerous for the sport. They have told their intentions to appeal to the FIA and no date has been given as yet.

If McLaren win it means that Hamilton not Raikkonen would be champion – we will wait and see.

Lewis Hamilton

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One thought on “End of the Season

  1. I think if Hamilton won he may have got to big for his boots.
    And heck it just means next years F1 will be awesome :D

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