Business Plan – 200th Post

I hope to set up a company very soon that should pave the way for my future in design. It shall cover 3 aspects although these shall be implemented over time or when I see fit for their introduction. This could be when the money is available or there is a gap in the market that I could fill with my product. The businesses broad name shall be ‘Hetherington Creative’ and shall have a number of logos associated with it that will eventually be trademarked. As well as this I hope ‘Hetherington Creative’ will become a ‘Limited company’ in the near future along with a website that shall be constructed shortly.

The first aspect of my business will be the design aspect – making products that fit a niece in the market that can be exploited. This will come through various home products from furniture to small electrical fittings such as lamps. As well as this the company shall focus on new media such as web design – already designing corporate sites like Exotic Nights. This aspect will be the mainstay of our business model for the next few years. Trying to expand production and introducing new items using innotive or different materials such as technical plastics and cardboard. Hopeful this aspect can be successful in terms of sales and the repore it receives from magazines and the general public.

Our second aspect for the business would be to set up a racing arm that focused on producing cars to run in ‘autograss’ or ‘hillclimb/sprint’ racing at first. This will be achieved by modifying a donor car using the money received by sponsors and the design aspect. We hope this is successful or can be achieved in a short space of time. This would bring brand exposure to the business and hopefully pave the way in motorsport (something that I am deeply interested in.)

The final aspect of ‘Hetherington Creative’ would be a record label. This would allow a small focused group of radical musicians a free will in producing their music to the masses. This would be implemented to get small blues/jazz etc musicians some exposure as well as drawing interest back into the design company. This would however be run under a different name that allows it to have a certain amount of freedom away from the main business – allowing the possibility of shareholders to take control of parts of it and make it better for the musicians.

Watch this space and see what happens – also thank you to everyone who has posted on my blog since its creation we are now at 200 posts!

Ross Hetherington

Owner of this website

3 thoughts on “Business Plan – 200th Post

  1. =]
    I think you will be a great designer as i’ve seen some of your work ^__^
    Plus your a great bussiness man.
    Just cos your a clever clogs :)

    Good luck hunny ^_^
    Ill be suporting you all the way

  2. GO ROSS!!!
    I’ll buy your stuff….even if i never use it i’ll keep just in case because one day it’ll be worth loadddsss.

    Good luck as well ^^

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