Growing up, maybe to fast

Well, this is not a rant about how my youth is running away from me at a frenetic pace and will soon enough find myself sitting behind a computer in an office. No, this is about what is happening to me and the feeling that my youth has suddenly run out due to my own decisions.

As most people know I am not a normal teenage and have never aspired to do what teenagers ‘do’ (a.k.a go out and get drunk) it has never interested me and never will. What I do savour though is the knowledge that all financial worries are sorted out by your families overlord (also known as parents) and that food is always provided. But this again is not where my worry is; my worry is down to my company Hetherington Creative. I have been frenetically mailing around the UK finding suppliers, media and safety for my product the art-deco lamp – which in effect makes me feel like some project manager.

This feeling of growing old (dealing with other humans) has dawned on me how surreal it is to be doing this at my young age – people do not understand when a teenager walks through the door and they are expecting an ‘adult.’ It scares you and yet you know that its comforting because they are off their guard to – and thus are somewhat nervous. I will have to do this over and over to get the product launched and I am happy with the responsibility – but with coursework and other commitments its like a downward spiral of immense pressure.

Anyway, that is my deep emotional thought for this week. Please enjoy the following:

I cant stop thinking

Ross Hetherington

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4 thoughts on “Growing up, maybe to fast

  1. Life only gets harder, and yet it’s the hardest thing to accept..
    I dunno.
    Good luck, I really really really hope this works out for you, you’ve put so much effort in.

  2. I get told i sound like an old woman when i give advice =] Which i guess is good and bad in a way..
    But your not growing up to fast.
    You just have a very tuned i mind to the world around you ^__^

    And your very smart =]

  3. Yeh, and you also got your clock on the go soon ;D

    I don’t think I’ve reached this point yet, thank god, but i agree with the not going out and drinking and getting drunk. 1 bottle of wine suits me :D

    I really hope all goes well for you and Lampy.
    You’ve worked hard and deserve it!


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