Project: Gravity

So what is this project all about; well like most of my projects it has a sense of randomness about it. This time however it is a project which I have wanted to do since a certain episode of the Simpson’s showed it a number of series ago.

I am of-course talking about Gravity Racers – or Soap Box Derby racers if you wish to call them that. What I want to do is produce an aerodynamic vehicle to take part in UK competitions for gravity racers. Hence ‘Project: Gravity’ has come about; we have a large number of plans for this project and more will be revealed in future. But here are our initial plans for the project:

  • Gather funding, parts and people to join the team and produce the Project: Gravity vehicle.
  • Test the vehicle and begin racing.
  • Produce a website for the vehicle and its future plans.
  • Create the final name for the project – this will be applied everywhere the vehicle goes.

We hope this is a successful project. More after the jump.

Ross Hetherington

Owner of this website

2 thoughts on “Project: Gravity

  1. Would be cool to o that. I’ve never heard of these races though.
    Sound interesting though.
    You wil have to keep us posted on the designs :)

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