Oh no the NUT’s are Striking

24 April 2008 the day of the NUT. Yes to most people I will be talking absolute garbage (something about NUT’s you say)  and to some I am talking about a serious moment in the UK education environment. As NUT are striking for the first time in 20 years and that is all because of the only thing that drives people – money, money, money, money (spoken like the guy in the Incredibles who clears up the mess.)

Like everyone else is in the same boat, but the main problem is can the government really afford to pay teachers what the require. With every public service stretched and the bloody waste of money 2012 Olympic Games in London. Yes, that is right, you will only get your pay rise if you go back in time and stop the bloody waste of money even being considered.

This post really has no relevance but it affected me so I might as well write a badly written post about it – see what you did to me you heartless English teachers – destroying my education (I do not take English at A level – so no need to squabble.)

Ross Hetherington

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2 thoughts on “Oh no the NUT’s are Striking

  1. Well it doesnt affect me i guess
    Im ill this week any way so i dont even get to annoy teachers thats aren’t on strike

    But i know what your on about

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