Musical Project Finally Underway

The musical project that was discussed almost a year ago, is now coming to the front of my thinking process.

I will soon be the proud owner of a washboard, a tea chest bass (constructed myself) and various folk instruments such as a Uke. Then its off to play around with classics from Lonnie Donegan, and other greats. As soon as all this is ready, I will begin to acquire all the bits needed to get a few tracks down and show off the fruits of my labour.

As of today I have a Ukulele, and I am incredibly happy about how it has turned out and what I have achieved with only a days play under my belt. Also today I have a washboard from America that has arrived, it has a fantastic sound and I will enjoy playing that in my project. As for the tea chest, we found one in the garage, and I have only just started doing the cosmetics on it, such as strengthening and tidying up the metal surrounds. It is such a lovely tea chest, with lots of lovely original markings all over it.

Soon the music will begin in earnest, woopie.

Ross Hetherington

Owner of this website

3 thoughts on “Musical Project Finally Underway

  1. Sounds Good baby ^_^ i can’t wait to hear it. I’ve missed it all since ive been on holiday :) You’ll have to show me when i next come over

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