Is it Just Me or are Banks Impossible

Halifax Howard

Banks. The great economies are driven by these creatures of capitalism, when they get into trouble everything in life seems to get worse with words such as ‘reccession’ thrown about liberally.

This piece is not about how banks trade money to each other as that has been plentifully covered in the media, who by their own doing has thrown everyone into a state of panic. I am talking about how impossible it is when you phone up the bank to request something.

For example I had phoned by my bank; Halifax (a leading financial institution as the BBC would call it) to request a PIN reminder because my brain seems to of randomly thrown that information out the window and replaced it with A level learning.

I dialed the number, and was thrown into a world of dodging the unfathomable computer putting me through. You know where you have to dial 1, 3 blah blah to get through the options to get to a human who you hope will have the basic intelligence to provide you with an adequate service. Even when you have mastered the system you end up having to provide to a robot your identity and then you are put through several minutes of excruciating lift music. They could just put some classical music in the background, but instead they choose something which can only be seen as J Pop played by a talentless ant (random analogy I know.)

Then you get to the person on the other end, you immediately feel their pain of having to spend all day on the phone to disgruntled customers and being so de-motivated they could just die from sheer boredom. They then proceed to interrogate you before they will answer your query, such as ” what was your last payment?”. What was your last payment? I have no bloody idea it’s on your screen you tell me. Whats worse is if they phone you up and you are expected to know such information off the top of your head.

You eventually receive what you want but sometimes you could just give up. Hardly what I call service from a bank represented by Howard, the great.

Ross Hetherington

Owner of this website

One thought on “Is it Just Me or are Banks Impossible

  1. lol, thats a very funny rant, but oh so true.
    I phoned the other day just to find out if my money had gone to a certain account and they told me they couldn’t dicuss it over the phone and i had to go into the branch O.< Do they know how far i had to walk to get the branch. I didnt even know where it was in worcs.
    Such a true rant.

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