The Man (TM)

So, I bet at this time you are thinking. Hmmm what the hell is this The Man (TM) crap? Well to be honest, I have little idea myself. I do however know the origins of it; it all started with my last blog calling it ‘the blog of the man’ which then caused my friends to say I have an ego filled website. But look around you, there are hundreds of personal websites around the world and blogs. So I just thought, well, they are not going to shut up, so I might as well join them; thus calling myself The Man (TM) which they coined.

The Man (TM)

Legal Notice: The Man (TM) is not a trademark (it does not use the trademark symbol ™), and is not registered with the Patent Office of any country in the world. It is merely a representation that it belongs to only me (this is what I think) and that I, Ross Hetherington am The Man (TM).

Ross Hetherington

Owner of this website

5 thoughts on “The Man (TM)

  1. Oh noes!!!
    Not the man!!!
    Dum dum dum dummm.

    it sounds like some new dramatic movie:
    “Ross Hetherington is…

    *long dramatic pause*
    THE MAN!!
    *Lots of dramatic wooshing cinema sounds*”

  2. Doug, it was created by James and Tom H so I have no idea why I am The Man (TM) just play along with it, and kind of like it.

    And I know, I am the man, the dreaded man :P

  3. I’m with Alex. XD

    *flim voice and action scenes galore*

    can we make you run round town Charlies Angel/James Bond stylie. O: O: O:

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