On the Road to Architecture Part 3

On Tuesday I went to Birmingham City University for an interview and the open day, I was a tad worried as everyone else arrived with massive A1 folders probably brimming with art work and I had an A3 folder full of product design; oh and my lamp.

I love Birmingham it is a cosy little campus, with creative students at every turn. The kind of place where having designers block is probably not possible. When I went for my actual interview (with the course director) I found the whole experience amazing we talked about all kinds of random issues and it was great.

Today I have been notified that I have a conditional offer for BCU and I am chuffed.

Ross Hetherington

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One thought on “On the Road to Architecture Part 3

  1. Hi!
    That’s great… what have u been predicted for A levels?
    I’m really worried as havent applied to BCU, as wanted to move out of B’ham but now have changed my mind so applying here hopefully, for archi.
    Does the course have an artistic approach or technical one?
    What other uni’s have u applied to?
    Hope u can get back to me soon =)

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