Reasons to get a Knighthood

The new year Honours list shows who is going to be awarded the various titles that the UK gives to people from within the commonwealth such as an MBE or even a Knighthood. Usually it goes to scientists, charity fundraisers or war heroes and to all of those I have very little problem with. It is mainly the ones that are given to sports men and women and in particular footballers who are still in the prime of their career.

So when I read the list in the morning paper I saw some names which I thought very much needed recognition such as the author Terry Pratchett being knighted which I thought was very appropriate due to his work with alzheimer’s. Lewis Hamilton getting an MBE for his services to motorsport which again I think is very appropriate as he brought much higher viewing figures into the sport and more money into it. As well as a few other Olympic sports people getting MBE and CBE which all are deserving of this as they are not retired and still very much in the sport.

Then theres Chris Hoy the cyclist, now I am under no illusion at his grandure winning three gold medals in the summer Olypics and generally pulling ‘Team GB’ together. But when I read that he was to be knighted I was confused, he is currently in the middle of his career and has only just started to┬ábring interest to the sport┬áto the sport. He should of be graced with an MBE or CBE first before the knighthood which should come after active service.

Another disappointment was the fact that Bruce Forsyth has been awarded a CBE instead of the Knighthood which everyone I am sure wanted him to receive.

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2 thoughts on “Reasons to get a Knighthood

  1. Brucy alreadt has a CBE and due to rules he can’t get knighted for another 5 years :( whcih sucks!
    Some im glad Lewis gets an award though! go him ^_^

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