Work Over

This week my History coursework was handed in along with my business coursework, I have worked hard on these so should get what I deserve in terms of grade from them. I also handed my design coursework in, which has taken a lot of out of me mentally and physically. While it wasn’t completed my heath deteriorated and stress rose, since the design is finished I suddenly feel the weight off my shoulders until my exams. I feel a lot happier within myself now and just can’t wait to go to sleep and actually get a decent nights kip.

Below is my finished design project, it has taken over 2 months to make and hours of painstaking work (I cannot show  you any more yet as the exam board may not wish for me to disclose it) but it is done.

Finished Design Coursework

Ross Hetherington

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7 thoughts on “Work Over

  1. This is great. Im glad its all over, just font stress too much about exams yet. I have them befor you :P hehe and ill need someone to comfort me. Ill return the favour :):)

    Over all well done hunny. Its perfection!!!

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