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Although I should be thinking about exams, I am more interested in the various pieces of technology that I wish to acquire before I go off to university for architecture, providing I meet the grades.

The decision of a main laptop is a hard one, I want an Apple Macbook but I cannot justify the £1000 price tag plus all the extra stuff you need to ensure it is secure for the first 3 years. So the decision mainly comes crumbling down to a Dell but I have been so frustrated by their machines I may just have to splash the cash on such a device.

Now because going to Birmingham and back with a Apple is going to be some slog even though they are not heavy, I think a netbook may be in order. It can do all the writing capabilities of the Mac but will weigh so much less. This will be good for days where pure theory lectures are happening and when I don’t need to be creative. There is that option or I could purchase an iPhone although I would loose the word processing functionality it would still allow me to be in contact where ever I am and on the move.

The decisions of these products are going to be expensive but hopefully I can work it out after my exams. My iPhone decision may become answered when the 3rd gen of it is announced next month.

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9 thoughts on “Tecnology Decisions

  1. Which ever laptop you choose, make sure to get yourself a nice, long warranty. I made the mistake of not buying one for my Macbook and the costs of repair are ridiculous. Things will get bumped around at University and accidents happen. Netbooks are nice and don’t be wary of their small keyboards. I have heard they don’t take long to get used to.


  2. I have been looking into a netbook as well. It does all of the things that a normal laptop at half the price.

  3. If you show proof of the whole uni thing you do get a huge discount off macbooks. I got £300 off mine and it’s fine.
    Got the usual signs of wear and tear… coffee stains on some of the keys from late night essay writing… and for some reason a mark from a marker pen (wtf?) but it’s still running fine.
    I’d suggest getting an external hard drive though. Saved my life a few times… espically with the very rare updates from apple that wipe your computer… this has only happened once but now I back my stuff up every month. :)

  4. This post may be too late…. but please tell me you got the Macbook Pro. As an architecture graduate myself – i can only rate the mac over the dell. You’re going to be using some heavy software and well Mac’s are built to deal with them. Thus your machine will run faster and you’ll avoid the usual crashes and loss of work. A big hardrive and enough Ram to keep the programs running is essential. Goodluck with the course and enjoy it :)

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