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I now have Birmingham’s finest under my bum as I cycle along. The wonder of the B-17 cycle saddle, is that it may be rock hard (and don’t you feel it after a while) but it moulds and softens to give you that perfect shape. Unlike a gel saddle it will last and last and last while still remaining timeless.


I have a recently restored classic road bike, the Falcon Shane Sutton Special from the 1980’s. The bike was great but was missing a period saddle to complete the look. I found the Standard B-17 Brooks Saddle from for a rather cheap £40 for quality, others have found the company to be annoying but they were fine with me it was merelyRoyal Mail being slow. In the package you get the saddle and a tightening wrench to tighten the leather as it stretches, as well as a really cool idea of a Brooks newspaper.

So I applied Proofride (Brooks saddlewax ) to my saddle and coated the underside of the saddle along with boot waterproofer. Waiting to permiate and then buffed it off with a Brooks cloth for a nice even shine (although my bum would prob of done the same thing.)


Then stuck the saddle on the bike and it really completed the look, I have only done about 10 miles on it since I first used it on Friday but it is really good. I will give a full report as it breaks in (around the 100 mile point although with the hot weather we are having prob a lot faster.)


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  1. Great work. I have an old Nottingham Raleigh “Scorpio” racer that my dad bought me in 1978. It is still in mint condition, and I have noticed online that there are a few people still doing up their old Raleigh’s. I was quite surprised to see that my bike is as new, whereas others are rebuilding these old Raleighs from scratch.

    Good to see my namesake as similar interests.

    1. Lovely bike! I was given a ‘Falcon Mirage’ in excellent condition by a customer when i saw it neglected in amongst toilet pans and rugs in the garage. After searching online the closest resemblance I could find is your bike which caught my eye when I saw the olympic rings. Unfortunately I know less than you about the bike.

  2. Love the old Falcon and marvelous job there. I have a black racing brooks saddle all worn now back to brown leather on my Healing ten speed. I wondered how I could get that new look again as the black dye is not what they do/ use in a tanning factory. I have a ladies 60s falcon one I think. The chainwheel has three chromed falcon like birds providing the webbing for the gear . The bike itself is nothing startling; but the artwork styling and incising of these birds is similar to the head stock falcons on Falcon Bicycles. However cannot find a picture of similar anywhere and no other id except a frame number perhaps

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