Podcast Live

First DesignCast from the creator of RossHetherington.com discussing the new 3.0 blog and the love of Apple products with a highlight on what was discussed on the 09/09/09 Keynote by Steve Jobs.

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Ross Hetherington

Owner of this website

One thought on “Podcast Live

  1. Well must say Ross, very impressed with the job you did on the podcast, it was informative but chatty in a way that catches the interest rather than an overload of information. And you were right not to drag it out like some podcasts, I’ve listened to some before that just went on and on, so succinct but often seems to be a good plan.

    Not sure about Steve Jobs as a messiah though unless hes going to push forward quantum computers in the future. My stance overall on Apple is still its more for people like yourself using the applications for design tech and such.

    Personally its the compatability issues that niggle at me about Macs, and the lack of right click initially… but these are just opinion really, so it doesn’t matter too much. Keep up the good work.

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