R.I.P Cadbury

So this morning after months of ranging. Cadbury, one of Britain’s last great businesses that had a strong profit through the recession is to be sold. To the money grabbing, un-ethical Kraft (have you also seen the bollocks they make in America.)

So what will the Warren Buffett bum chum gang actually offer for this, well apparently 11.5 billion. Of which 7.0 billion of this is borrowed, that is un-trustworthy at the best of times especially as it will be Cadbury’s job to pay that money back. All the jobs in the UK are likely to go which I am most sore about as the Warren Buffett bum chum gang really do demand results even when Cadbury works just fine as it is.

Now I would like to take a second to really hurt the Cadbury board and any shareholders who actually agree this, this is still derisory. NOB OFF KRAFT.

Ross Hetherington

Owner of this website