Fathers Day 2010: Anatomy of a Father

Happy Dads day to everyone, for this year I have created a t-shirt for my dad called ‘Anatomy of a Father.’ An image of a man that has been made out of all the things a father likes. Enjoy.

UPDATE: I know many people question the use of a Dyson on this image, I would agree it is not a mainstay of manhood. Let it be know its presence is there simply because I could not think of any other big brand gadget to make the leg out of. So please let it pass. Btw, Dyson = dead cool.

Ross Hetherington

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8 thoughts on “Fathers Day 2010: Anatomy of a Father

  1. Is this a beer for a head? And what the left leg? A vacuum cleaner or something :D If it is a vacuum cleaner I do not think it is very appropriate :/

  2. Love it! Although I would have to agree that the Dyson isn’t that relevant for dads, most wouldn’t know where to start with the hoovering! Great pic though!

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