Justin Bieber has a Biography – Life is Slipping Away

Today I took a nice stroll into W H Smith whilst some flowers were being made for my mom. My girlfriend and I were looking at the kids books (as we are like that) and finding a book called ‘Selfish Pigs by Andy Riley’ hilarious and definitely on a par with’ Bunny Suicides.’

Soon, the smiles stopped and a rant was born. I quick glance and I looked upon the smug face of the ball of sick that is Justin ‘I am a¬†prepubescent dick’ Bieber on closer inspection it turned out to be a biography of the boob in question. I thought to myself what the hell would you write in a biography of a person who is about 10, “I was born, I threw up, I¬†pooedlf and then for some miraculous reason everyone loved me” strung out for 300 FU**ING PAGES! Bi0graphys should be reserved for people who are: A. old enough to write them and B. have a decent story to tell. The kind of people I consider appropriate to biography is Stephen Fry, Stephen Hawking, Jonathan Ive etc people who actually have a story to tell.

The world is going mad! I swear it literally!

Ross Hetherington

Owner of this website