Up to Speed Again

After two and a bit weeks of adjustment I feel I am 99% back to the fitness I was before and can build on this till the 23rd October. But what is the best way to move on from simply learning to run, there is always to use of hills and sprints in order to get your body fully accustomed, but first an analysis of my running route needs to take place.

Over the 13.1mile (22km) course, the is a number of gradual climbs and falls and then a nasty kick up at the end that needs some training for. The first two km of the course drops down 40m and then climbs 40m till around 8.5km, it then falls down 40m over the next 8km. After this point the final stretch kicks up 50m in just over 1.5km. This final climb is where training really needs to be focussed, gradual climbs do not really affect the body but such a short sharp climb after many km’s of running is a potential killer – a place to kit the wall.

From this I think that a focus on running hills when exhausted would be horrible but vastly beneficial to get used to running up a hill when the rough gets going.

Ross Hetherington

Owner of this website