Snow Week

Well Britain has been affected by a freak weather condition which comes in the form of snow and lots of it. The thing about the UK is we are well prepared from rain, but anything really cold or really hot buggers up our infrastructure amazingly well. Schools, hospitals and councils all shut simply because of a bit of frozen water. You either jump to two conclusions, one it is global warming which clearly against the trade descriptions act atm. Or two because Britain doesn’t get this weather a lot they cannot be bothered to purchase the relevant equipment to deal with it. I would hedge my wonderful bets on the latter.

What is more annoying, like today is when the school website says the school is open, you trek the dangerous mission to school to find it is actually closed; what is worse is the Laws of Sod were in play and they actually updated the site the second I left. Typical.

Here is a picture of the snowman I made yesterday, it’s not very clear but it’s meant to be a gangster snowman:

Gangster snowman

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Christmas 2008

I hope you all had a great christmas and recieved all you wanted if you live in a materialistic world.

My parents gave me among other things a camera, scalf and some nice Paul Smith Eau De Toilette which I was very happy with. I will be putting a review up on the camera very soon as it has been the one I desperately wanted the Panasonic Lumix T-Z5.

So unless you work in retail, enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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Finally Christmas 2008

I was getting worried when the Coca Cola advert had failed to be aired until yesterday, catching the first glimpse of the advert has for many been the official start of Christmas. So why did Coke leave it off a mainstream channel (in the UK) until Christmas Eve Eve Eve this year?

I can gladly say though that they threw out last years advert and finally got me in the Christmas mood; for the inventors of the red Santa they were a bit late in releasing an ad.

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Christmas Theme

For the first time a Christmas feel has been added to; with a little help of the original Coca Cola (1947) Santa. Extra delights will be added right up to Christmas so simply enjoy.


To all my readers, I hope you have a great Christmas and a happy New Year.

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iPhone 2 the 3G Effect


Apple has announced the all new, iPhone 2. It was announced by the CEO, Steven Jobs, at the ‘World Wide Developers Conference’ today, which was held in San Francisco.

People believe that the new release of the iPhone ‘2’, is an attempt to increase Apple’s share in the smartphone market. The smartphone market is currently dominated by Blackberry and Nokia.

The new generation of iPhones are what Steven Jobs calls “More Affordable”. Prices start from $199 (£100) approx. The new iPhone also comes with the new 3G wireless connection technology. This will enable users to get a more faster download speed along with WiFi like before. As well as this the device has been given GPS a wanted gift allowing for better maping technology to work. As a bonus the battery life has increased too, the days of Blackberry domination may be just about over.

The new iPhones will be available in the UK on the 11th of July 2008. You can buy the standard version for $199 or the 16GB of storage version for only $299. Ofcourse you will most likely be tied down to a heartless contract – but hey, it is probably worth it.

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