Bournville Survey Rerun

The following survey is a rerun of a 1974 survey conducted by the South Australian Housing Trust (for the Bournville Village Trust) about the what people think of the areas they live at different locations and times.

This survey is being conducted at part of the Co. Lab Modern Gazetteer module ( of the M.Arch course at the Birmingham School of Architecture (Birmingham City University.) As with the 1974 survey, this survey is being conducted at random houses and locations across Bournville.

The aim of the study is to inform content for an exhibition to be based around the idea of Bournville as an archive in 2014. The information collected from this survey will be anonymously used.

Take theĀ Bournville Questionnaire – Social Mix SurveyFront Cover

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Coracle Part 1 – Construction

During June of this year, we set about building at coracle at the Smallwoods Centre in Coalbrookdale, Ironbridge.

Essentially this is an ancient fishing craft, but the design we were building is over 300 years old. The original use was to work in tandem on the River Severn to fish using a large net. A relatively simple frame of softwood seat and legs, with ash lathes in tension stretched to form the shell. The skin is comprised of bitumen coated calico and it works perfectly! By the way we called the boat Honeybee.

Here are a few pictures we took along the way:



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