Successful museums should by definition be a building designed to display a set of artefacts in a manner that ensures that the architectural design is an integral part of the understanding of the collection. This paper argues that the 19th century models for museums (and architecture) based on an understanding of tradition; provide a better synthesis of object and architecture, than short lived 21st century ‘fashion’ spaces.

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Urban Artefacts by Studio 3 – At BPN Architects

BPN (Architects) have the pleasure in hosting a new exhibition called ‘Urban Artefacts’ by Studio 3, a group of MArch students from Birmingham City University.

Studio 3 have worked on analysing Birmingham and Milan in minute detail over the past year in order to understand the city and its architecture. Through the use of acute observations, and a respect and care for the nature of an existing place, Studio 3 has documented examples of civic Birmingham manifested in the streets, facades and public spaces through drawings, photographs, and models. These precise studies and observations of the existing city were translated into a series of propositions for change.

The exhibition highlights the potential of previously unnoticed areas and proposes new interventions to improve the urban realm through a greater detailed understanding of the existing urban conditions.

The preview for the show is this Thursday 17th July, from 5 till 7pm. The exhibition will remain at 3 Mary Street until 7th August.

We look forward to seeing you there!

To arrange a visit please email:

Further details can be found at:

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Nomination for the George Jackson Travelling Award 2012

Earlier this month I was nominated for the  the George Jackson Educational Foundation Travel Award. This is an annual award given to students from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design based on their academic achievement and proposal for travel.

I would use this trip to travel to Berlin, Germany to further my research into the identity and culture of people during the 1930’s a time when the far right and the far left had different ideas but left their mark on the city.

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ArD6-1 Review

My first graded review was set up as above, the review went well with my only feedback being a spelling mistake.

The design is an ‘Oat Ark’ with community/identity events that happen inside it, but it has a wider impact giving energy to the empty square.

I will post up details and high quality images of my sheets/models in January.

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Birmingham City University News Piece – “Marathon effort for Alzheimer’s”

A student from the School of Architecture will be raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society this October as he takes part in the Great Birmingham Run.

Ross Hetherington, who is in the third year of his degree in Architecture, will be participating in the Great Birmingham Run on the 23 October.

Ross commented: “I have only been running for six months, but I’ve really pushed over the summer to run consistently and increase my distances. This will be my first half marathon, so it has required a lot of persistence and drive to keep going. I’ve also had to fight set backs along the way with my knee after I suffered a Patella strain.”

He added: “The Alzheimer’s Society are a great cause helping people who have Dementia in the best possible way. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and seeing someone deteriorate in front of you is shocking. If my donations can help just a little bit then that is a positive thing.”

The run will be broadcast live on Channel 5 at 10:30 on 23 October. You might even be able to catch a sight of Ross, he will be runner number 13159.

You can help Ross’s campaign for the Alzheimer’s Society by visiting his JustGiving page.


From Birmingham City University News Wire

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Warwick Bar – Sense City Sustainable Landscape

After a year of hard work, at BSA we had two weeks of events varying from assembling the schools summer show to the project that I did, Warwick Bar.

Warwick Bar is part of Digbeth in Birmingham, it is a site (as shown in the pictures above) that has not been touched for over 10 years. Nature is taking back the industrial archaeology of the site with trees literally bursting through the walls of the ex garage on the site.


The site is being turned by Sense City into a 10 year project on sustainable living in Birmingham, a farm to fork project. My idea uses what is already on the site and ties it together with a cardboard tube structure that that defines spaces whilst allowing it to be used as functional growing spaces.

The project continues….

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