For 2012 | A Year of Running for the British Heart Foundation

Last year I ran for the Alzheimer’s Society in the Bupa Great Birmingham Run with a target of 200 hundred pounds, I ended up raising over 400 pounds and won an autograph from the legend that is Haile Gebrselassie. It was a great introduction to the world of half marathons and the fantastic people who run alongside and cheer people on the route, it is friendliness that I have never experienced before and I love every second of it.

In 2012, I will be running for the British Heart Foundation in an ever growing series of runs. I am hoping that over the year I will raise over 500 pounds for the BHF Hope Tank project and hopefully help in the many heart problems that plague my family and many families like us. It is a brilliant cause and I look forward to it motivating me throughout the year and get a new PB in Birmingham this October.

I am hoping to get a new mini video camera that I can capture some of my runs and training to show progress over the year. My website will keep track of my progress and the expected niggles that go on with it. I will create a poster for my fundraising effort in the coming months that will inform and no doubt delight you.

I have set up a new JustGiving page that will see me through the year, you can visit it here –

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Please Sponsor Me

“Run like hell and get the agony over with.”
–Clarence DeMar

Please support my first half marathon at the Bupa Great Birmingham Run (Half Marathon) on the 23rd October 2011. Sponsoring as little as a pound would be a great help to the Alzheimer’s Society (sorry to sound very Children in Need all of a sudden.)

Online | Visit:
Mobile | Text – ENJT65 then amount to 70070

Thank you!

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New Running Shoes – Brooks Defyance 4

After reaching 10 miles in my running, I thought it was time to upgrade my cheapy running shoes that have given me hip and knee injuries and try a properly fitted running shoe from a professional shop. Yes, you pay more for the running shoe but the advice and selection of the shoe is great.

I went to Up and Running in Birmingham, a small chin of shops that was above an Evans Cycles. All the staff were friendly and got me up and running (no pun intended) very quickly. Over the next half hour, they had me running up and down a Birmingham street in jeans and a polo shirt like a complete birk, but it was worth it as I can see a future where most of my pain will wash away with my new shoes – Brooks Defyance 4.

These shoes felt great out of 5 pairs of shoes in the store, they have padding but are much shofter than comparable shoes from Asics. Whilst on my mini birk run around Birmingham they hugged my shoes nicely, downhills were a particular delicious notion as the shoes provided all the padding I needed for my feet to stop the slapping feeling of downhills. I shall do a proper review once they are broken in.

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Brooks Saddle


I now have Birmingham’s finest under my bum as I cycle along. The wonder of the B-17 cycle saddle, is that it may be rock hard (and don’t you feel it after a while) but it moulds and softens to give you that perfect shape. Unlike a gel saddle it will last and last and last while still remaining timeless.


I have a recently restored classic road bike, the Falcon Shane Sutton Special from the 1980’s. The bike was great but was missing a period saddle to complete the look. I found the Standard B-17 Brooks Saddle from for a rather cheap £40 for quality, others have found the company to be annoying but they were fine with me it was merelyRoyal Mail being slow. In the package you get the saddle and a tightening wrench to tighten the leather as it stretches, as well as a really cool idea of a Brooks newspaper.

So I applied Proofride (Brooks saddlewax ) to my saddle and coated the underside of the saddle along with boot waterproofer. Waiting to permiate and then buffed it off with a Brooks cloth for a nice even shine (although my bum would prob of done the same thing.)


Then stuck the saddle on the bike and it really completed the look, I have only done about 10 miles on it since I first used it on Friday but it is really good. I will give a full report as it breaks in (around the 100 mile point although with the hot weather we are having prob a lot faster.)


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