Running Slower. A Pride Thing?

Since my knee injury I have told myself to run slower, build up gradually and make sure I don’t injure myself again.

I have put into place the RICE method of recovery which is as follow, this has kept away any inflammation that has arisen:


Rest is a key part of repair. Without rest, continual strain is placed on the area, leading to increased inflammation, pain, and possible further injury. Also, most soft tissue injuries will take far longer to heal. There is also a risk of abnormal repair or chronic inflammation resulting from a failure to rest. In general, the rest should be until the patient is able to use the limb with the majority of function restored and pain essentially gone.


Ice is excellent at reducing the inflammatory response and the pain from heat generated[citation needed]. Proper usage of ice can reduce the destruction over-response which can result from inflammation. A good method is ice 20 minutes of each hour. Other recommendations are an alternation of ice and no-ice for 15–20 minutes each, for a 24–48 hour period.[5] To prevent localised ischemia or frostbite to the skin, it is recommended that the ice be placed within a towel before wrapping around the area.

Exceeding the recommended time for ice application may be detrimental, as blood flow will be too reduced to allow nutrient delivery and waste removal.


Compression aims to reduce the edematous swelling that results from the inflammatory process. Although some swelling is inevitable, too much swelling results in significant loss of function, excessive pain and eventual slowing of blood flow through vessel restriction.

An elastic bandage, rather than a firm plastic bandage (such as zinc-oxide tape) is required. Usage of a tight, non-elastic bandage will result in reduction of adequate blood flow, potentially causing ischemia. The fit should be snug so as to not move freely, but still allow expansion for when muscles contract and fill with blood.


Elevation aims to reduce swelling by increasing venous return of blood to the systemic circulation. This will not only result in less edema, but also aid in waste product removal from the area.

But running slower, this is something that I have found hard. I have tried consciously to slow down my pace, starting fast and then trying to slow down whilst running. Yet when I look at GPS data I am going faster than when I was fully fit. I will have to see how it goes.

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Alzheimer’s Society Running Top

Yesterday I received my Alzheimer’s Society running top for the race in October. The Alzheimer’s Society is the lead charity for Bupa Great Runs in 2011 so the shirt is covered in Bupa branding which is pretty nice.

Please donate to the Alzheimer’s Society for the Bupa Great Birmingham Run (Half Marathon) 2011 –​-Hetherington

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New Tool in the Fight

After much research a traditional knee strap is not really something that comes much recommended. Although it gives relief to the knee issue, it wastes away the Quad muscles that can simply aggravate knee pain rather than help it. Therefore I cast aside a strong knee brace, but still keep a compression brace for post runs to make sure it stays intact.

In replacement I researched my injury a strained Patella, the answer to keep it in place was a Jumper’s Knee Strap and Mueller’s came very well recommended by a number of runs. It stops the muscles from wasting whilst still providing a nice level of comfort and support to the Patella whilst running. I have done one run in this strap and the knee felt very good at the end and you hardly notice the strap at all.

Alongside this I have researched a big list of stretches to do before runs and I do Quad exercises in my off days to strengthen the leg and knee joint.

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First Run After the Rocks…

After 3 weeks of rest and a holiday in Tenerife in between my knee felt 97% fit, I and my doctor felt that is was about time to go out for a slow run to see whats what. The diagnosis for my knee was a strained patella, which is a strong ligament at the front of the knee that takes a stupid amount of pressure.

I went for my first probing run today, very slow and just for a few minutes. At the start my knee felt stiff, I had warmed up for some time but felt this was normal. Then the knee opened up to allow me to jog slowly around and it all felt ok to be honest but you could still feel something was there.

I am now in full rest mode to see what happens tomorrow with the knee, whether it flairs up again or I have managed to keep it in check. Hopefully it is the former otherwise it is back to the doctors.

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Bupa Great Birmingham Run – Alzheimer’s Society

I am running the 2011 Bupa Great Birmingham Run for the Alzheimer’s Society.

This is my first half marathon and it is going to be tough, but not as tough as seeing an otherwise healthy person becoming debilitated in front of your eyes for no rightful reason. Alzheimer’s is a terrible terrible condition and I think the more you can do to help fight the causes and effects of it the better.

I know that money is tight at the minute but it all helps care for the loved ones of people all over the country.

Thank you.

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Training for a Half Marathon

Since the end of my uni term I have started back up my journey of running. By the end of last years summer I had practically given up because progress was too slow for me. My running somewhat resembles ‘Run Fat Boy Run’ needing a spatular on my bum to keep me going rather than just giving up. This time however I actually followed a program and progress is far better and far more enjoyable.

I have decided probably for the worst (or best) to take up the challenge of running a half Marathon in October.

I am dreading it…

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