35mm Processing

I have recently picked up 35mm photography again and have sent my first roll of film off to be processed. The camera I have been using is an Olympus OM-10 and Kodak Colour film, I will show the results when they return.

I had one problem, where to get the film developed. Jessops and alike are really average at film processing so I went looking on the net for a small company that had a proven track record and was reliable.

After searching for a while, I found Fuji Digital Imaging a small shop in Burnley, Lancashire. I plan to get all my 35mm Film Processinghere and will show my results when I receive them. But from the reviews I here they offer a fast quality service and that staff are very helpful too.

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Women and Cameras

Now, you may be thinking when you read the title that this would be somewhat dirty but alas you are mistaken. This is a classic Ross rant initiated from last night’s events and my annoyance and blindness caused by it.

Cameras are used for various things, taking pictures of events, places and general stuff like a dog attached to a bike looking a bit depressed.

Men purchase cameras to largely behold them and take pictures of places predominately and the occasional picture of people when your wife/gf demands that you need some record of where you have been with you in it. You therefore look depressed in all images and therefore they all get moved to the trash can (Result!)

Women seem to purchase cameras to exclusely take pictures of themselves in vein poses in various places. You only have to flick to Facebook and you can see it time and time again. This is fine (well it’s really stupid) but what is not fine is what happened last night at the cinema.

We went to see Toy Story 3 again and what a beautiful film it is, charming, funny, scary and sad all in one. Pixar and more importantly John Lasseter is truly a master of great cinema. However, my girlfriend and I were blinded at the start by a bunch of three women/girls taking a picture of them wearing the glasses at the start of the film which truly pissed the hell of me. Why the hell is such an image needed at any point ever, it probably went with a tag line “ha ha, we look like buddy holly and like blinding people behind us before they want a great film” boobs.

Women and cameras, a bad mix!

P.S. Yes this post is contrived, If you are offended by the post. I’m happy.

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