iPod intergration

Due to the new iPod 3.1.1 update I can now bring you unparalleled updates to my blog. I have wordpress beta on my iPod and there is a version of my blog tailored to he needs of mobile users. More on this and feedback from apples 09/09/09 keynote later on.

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On the Road to Architecture Part 4

I do believe it is about time for me to update you lovely people about my journey to university and my chosen subject to read of Architecture. At the last contact I had been made an offer by both BIAD and Oxford Brookes for architecture courses and I was thinking about the technology that I needed to acquire to do this course.

On the offer front I have made BIAD my first choice for architecture on my UCAS form, this is mainly because I feel as a university it has a much better feel that at Oxford. Even though Oxford is a nicer area for my studies I believe it has to be Birmingham all the way.  Some people may be confused by this decision over a ‘higher’ placed university, but that university did not fit me and it also did not fit my ethos of an environment that should make you happy the second you walk in, much as what Birmingham provided me.

In terms of technology, I do believe I will be purchasing a Macbook Pro sometime soon as at the moment they are running a free iPod Touch offer and printer rebate. That all sounds lovely and inviting for me. I may in the future by an iPhone but it depends on my financial situation.

Talking about finanaces I have a good solid chunk of money coming my way, courtesy of the student finance people. As I am not staying in Birmingham this should tide me over nicely.

My next update should be after my A level results.

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Tecnology Decisions

Although I should be thinking about exams, I am more interested in the various pieces of technology that I wish to acquire before I go off to university for architecture, providing I meet the grades.

The decision of a main laptop is a hard one, I want an Apple Macbook but I cannot justify the £1000 price tag plus all the extra stuff you need to ensure it is secure for the first 3 years. So the decision mainly comes crumbling down to a Dell but I have been so frustrated by their machines I may just have to splash the cash on such a device.

Now because going to Birmingham and back with a Apple is going to be some slog even though they are not heavy, I think a netbook may be in order. It can do all the writing capabilities of the Mac but will weigh so much less. This will be good for days where pure theory lectures are happening and when I don’t need to be creative. There is that option or I could purchase an iPhone although I would loose the word processing functionality it would still allow me to be in contact where ever I am and on the move.

The decisions of these products are going to be expensive but hopefully I can work it out after my exams. My iPhone decision may become answered when the 3rd gen of it is announced next month.

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Prediction for Macworld

Apple Logo

As we know Steve (Jobs) is not going to be doing the keynote at the last Macworld to be participated by Apple Inc. This could be down to healthreasons or it could be a fantastical snub to a conference/expo that has treated them well, I would probably go with the former. So this year Phil Shiller will be taking the reins like he does more and more now so I would expect less fantastical products to be coming out of the computer company from California.

My predictions of products at Macwordwell the two most likely candidates would be the Cinema displays and the Mac Mini, both are in desperate need of a redesign. First the cinema displays, their design should have the same design cues as the Macbooks and the iMac with the black banding around the screen and no doubt some environmental credentialsto go along with their new LED backlightdisplay. The second one for re-design would be the Mac Mini which will probably become a uni-body product or a product like the Time Capsule, witha HDMI or HD output witha greater focus on plugging a TV into it. It will no doubt like all new machines come with a decent Intel processor and the new nvidia graphics chip. A preview of Snow Leopard may be shown or kept for a later date, but probably retained as it will most likely be released in the summer of this year.

As for other potential updates, one could be the iMac which should see some specification changes but I do not think there will be many design changes to it. There may be room for an iPod development although I think this would be reserved for the summer and October keynotes from Steve – such as the rumoured iPhone Nano or the larger iPod Touch.

There has been some rumours of a coloured iPhone with some pictures appearing of a pink iteration.

We will see when Macworld starts on the 6th January.

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iPhone 2 the 3G Effect


Apple has announced the all new, iPhone 2. It was announced by the CEO, Steven Jobs, at the ‘World Wide Developers Conference’ today, which was held in San Francisco.

People believe that the new release of the iPhone ‘2’, is an attempt to increase Apple’s share in the smartphone market. The smartphone market is currently dominated by Blackberry and Nokia.

The new generation of iPhones are what Steven Jobs calls “More Affordable”. Prices start from $199 (£100) approx. The new iPhone also comes with the new 3G wireless connection technology. This will enable users to get a more faster download speed along with WiFi like before. As well as this the device has been given GPS a wanted gift allowing for better maping technology to work. As a bonus the battery life has increased too, the days of Blackberry domination may be just about over.

The new iPhones will be available in the UK on the 11th of July 2008. You can buy the standard version for $199 or the 16GB of storage version for only $299. Ofcourse you will most likely be tied down to a heartless contract – but hey, it is probably worth it.

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