Carving a Wooden Spoon: Part 4 | The Carve is Complete

I have just finished my latest spoon, a bit of a bugger as the wood log that I had available was oak that wasn’t very green. It has lots of knots in it but hopefully I have managed to navigate my way around it and produce something to use in the making or porridge.

It now needs to be allowed to dry and I will oil with a mixture of Walnut oil and bees wax.

Tools used: Fiskars X7 hatchet, Mora 120 carving knife and a Ben Orford Hybrid Small Crook knife.

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Carving a Wooden Spoon: Part 1 | Axe Carving

A few weeks ago I decided on carving a wooden spoon, a life experience that anyone should try. To create a usable object from a slab of green timber is an incredibly liberating thing to do, the unknown of what will be created from the timber is brilliant. It is just you and your axe, if you take away too much you ruin it but you could also improve it.

You would usually use some fruit wood to whittle a spoon but as the oak was available I thought I would try one of the hardest woods to carve by hand.

I am using green oak from a fallen branch, Fiskars X7 (wildlife style) axe, Mora carving knife and a Ben Orford Crook knife to cut the bowl.

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Buff UV Headwear

My neck burns pretty easily, it is quite annoying when your out on a cycle or in a boat and the weather looks really dull and you don’t put any sunscreen on and then boom the sun pops its bright shiny head out the clouds and you go lobster.

Hopefully this Buff UV multifunction scarf should do the trick to protect my neck in such situations – it also makes you look kind of dandy, admittedly not in sahariane format…

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