Please Sponsor Me

“Run like hell and get the agony over with.”
–Clarence DeMar

Please support my first half marathon at the Bupa Great Birmingham Run (Half Marathon) on the 23rd October 2011. Sponsoring as little as a pound would be a great help to the Alzheimer’s Society (sorry to sound very Children in Need all of a sudden.)

Online | Visit:
Mobile | Text – ENJT65 then amount to 70070

Thank you!

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New Running Shoes – Brooks Defyance 4

After reaching 10 miles in my running, I thought it was time to upgrade my cheapy running shoes that have given me hip and knee injuries and try a properly fitted running shoe from a professional shop. Yes, you pay more for the running shoe but the advice and selection of the shoe is great.

I went to Up and Running in Birmingham, a small chin of shops that was above an Evans Cycles. All the staff were friendly and got me up and running (no pun intended) very quickly. Over the next half hour, they had me running up and down a Birmingham street in jeans and a polo shirt like a complete birk, but it was worth it as I can see a future where most of my pain will wash away with my new shoes – Brooks Defyance 4.

These shoes felt great out of 5 pairs of shoes in the store, they have padding but are much shofter than comparable shoes from Asics. Whilst on my mini birk run around Birmingham they hugged my shoes nicely, downhills were a particular delicious notion as the shoes provided all the padding I needed for my feet to stop the slapping feeling of downhills. I shall do a proper review once they are broken in.

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Bupa Great Birmingham Run to be Televised Live on Channel 5!

The new look Bupa Great Birmingham run will be televised live on Channel 5, organisers Nova International announced today. The event, previously known as the Birmingham Half Marathon, will take place on Sunday October 23rd with a city centre start and finish.

Expected to attract a record entry of 15,000 runners, the Bupa Great Birmingham Run will showcase the best of England’s second city following a scenic course which takes in many well-known city landmarks including Edgbaston cricket ground, Cannon Hill Park and Cadburys World.

Cllr Martin Mullaney, Birmingham City Council Member for Leisure said, “We are delighted that channel 5 will be broadcasting the action live across the UK and it’s a real indication of the status of the event.

“We know that the people of Birmingham are very proud of this event which provides a marvellous opportunity to celebrate all that is good about our city”
As with all Great Runs, the Bupa Great Birmingham Run is expected to raise considerable sums of money for a raft of good causes.

Former England footballer Geoff Thomas will be taking part – he was diagnosed with leukaemia within a year of retiring from professional sport. Geoff will be running for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Foundation, as without the bone marrow transplant he had in Birmingham in 2004, he would have died.

Also taking to the streets of Birmingham will be Angela Lonsdale, representing Bupa’s nominated charity, the Alzheimer’s Society. Angela starred in the TV drama Doctors, which was based in Birmingham and has become one of Britain’s best known actors.

Although the 13.1 mile course will be similar to previous years, after consultation with runners, the start and finish areas are being significantly modified to improve the overall experience. Extra on-course entertainment celebrating the unique cultural diversity of the city is also being planned.
More than 9,000 entries have been received already for the event and are available on a first come, first served basis at

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Start of Hill Training

I have started throwing in a few long hills into my training, they are agony and slow you down to a crawl but as soon as you go over the crest of the hill the pain goes and the legs feel great there on. This loop is part of my hard hill session and will form the bulk of the mid-week runs to try and concour hills and keep improving my flat 5k time.

Next week I start my first hill interval session. Essentially you run a 10-15min warm up run and then run up a hard hill of over 30metres long at a fast pace over and over for 5 times. This is absolutely excruciating but it is beneficial to boost your leg muscle power.

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Up to Speed Again

After two and a bit weeks of adjustment I feel I am 99% back to the fitness I was before and can build on this till the 23rd October. But what is the best way to move on from simply learning to run, there is always to use of hills and sprints in order to get your body fully accustomed, but first an analysis of my running route needs to take place.

Over the 13.1mile (22km) course, the is a number of gradual climbs and falls and then a nasty kick up at the end that needs some training for. The first two km of the course drops down 40m and then climbs 40m till around 8.5km, it then falls down 40m over the next 8km. After this point the final stretch kicks up 50m in just over 1.5km. This final climb is where training really needs to be focussed, gradual climbs do not really affect the body but such a short sharp climb after many km’s of running is a potential killer – a place to kit the wall.

From this I think that a focus on running hills when exhausted would be horrible but vastly beneficial to get used to running up a hill when the rough gets going.

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Designing a Sponsorship Poster

At the minute my mind has turned to how to acieve a sponsorship of 200 pounds for the Alzheimer’s Society. The most obvious way to do this is a poster to advertise what I am doing and how they could give just a few pounds to the charity.

The first draft of the poster (left) took account of the colour scheme of the charity and looking at how they advertise their brand. This created a professional looking poster after a bit of fiddling on the computer. It is still not finished, a new photograph is needed and a bit of fiddling with font sizing to tidy the piece up. The easiest way to do this is to simply print off the poster as your eye can pick up far more issues in the flesh than on a computer screen.

I shall post the finished poster in its full glory soon.

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